Best 10 First Walking Shoes For Baby Girls & Boys Buying Guide 2020

Date: January 15, 2021

Photo by Marcelo Amantino

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When babies are born, they do not need shoes initially or for few months. Because it is not necessary for them to wear shoes while they are not walking and they should not wear shoes in order to grow their feet naturally. But you, as a parent should take care that when you should buy shoes for your baby. You should buy shoes for them when they start walking on their own. It is said that babies should not wear shoes and it is okay to walk barefooted on the floor as it is necessary for their natural growth and shoes hinders your baby’s feet growth. But we cannot avoid the fact that we have to protect our babies from hot or cold temperature in order to save them from sickness or any other injury which can be caused while walking barefooted such as any hard object might hit your baby’s feet. So in order to avoid all these difficulties, you should buy shoes for your babies as soon as they start walking or crawling. 

Now the question is that which type of shoes are best for your babies? The answer of this question is that those shoes which are lightweight, soft, and comfortable and have rubber sole and are made up of breathable material are best for your babies. Lightweight shoes and soft cotton inside lining is necessary to give your baby feel natural while walking and they are best for your baby’s healthy growth. Rubber sole is necessary because it provides breathability and keeps the skin dry and avoid sweating and smelly odor. Moreover, it also provides durability and traction and your baby can have a strong grip on the ground and can walk freely. 

Instead of keep your child protected, there are some other advantages of your baby’s shoes. They are best to use while you are going to some event or any function occurring in your family. Babies look cute while well dressed. Shoes play an important role in your baby’s look. Can you imagine your baby wearing a very expensive dress but are barefooted. It will look funny. So in order to give your baby a fashionable and stylish look, you should buy some stylish shoes as well. It will also play a role in photography. If it’s your child’s first birthday, and you have to make an album of your child’s photographs, then you should dress him well so that amazing pictures could be taken with a stylish look. 

Best First Walking Shoes For Baby Girls & Boys List 2020

NO: 1  SOFMUO Baby Boys High-Top Ankle Sneakers

Key Features

  • Anti-Slip
  • Soft Sole
  • Toddlers
  • First Walkers Shoes


» Name:                            SOFMUO

» Color:                              X/Gold

These lightweight shoes are made op of rubber sole which provides breathability and helps to keep the skin dry and away from smelly odor. Its upper is made up of leather which is also a breathable material and it has cotton inside lining. Its outsole is anti-collision and anti-slip rubber sole which helps to prevent slipping on a wet or slippery surface.

Lace up closure helps to stay the shoes on your baby’s feet. These baby shoes perfectly fit for fashion as they have a stylish look and are perfect wear for birthday party or any occasion. They are also serves as a best option for giving as a present. 

NO: 2  Sakuracan Baby Shoes Boys Girls Toddler 

Key Features

  • High-Top Ankle
  • Canvas Sneakers
  • Soft Sole
  • Newborn Infant First Walkers Crib Shoes


» Name:                            ENERCAKE

» Size:                                  toddlers

» Ratings:                          618+

These stylish looking shoes have a soft sole which provides comfort to the baby’s feet. For giving more stylish look and perfect grip to the feet, it has lace up closure which also provides easy on an off. It has breathable and comfortable fabric lining which provides breathability and helps to keep the feet dry and away from smelly odour.

They are designed in such a way that they have comfortable wearing and classy look. One can use them for daily use ad well as for indoor and outdoor use such as baby’s birthday. And they can be a good birthday present. 

NO: 3  BENHERO Baby Girls Boys Canvas Shoes

Key Features

  • Infant First Walker
  • Soft Sole
  • High-Top Ankle Sneakers
  • Newborn Crib Shoes


» Name:                            BENHERO

» Size:                                 toddlers


In order to give a stylish look to your baby’s feet, these lightweight sneakers have shoes laces along with a hook and strap. Hook and strap give an easy wearing while laces add a classy look to the shoes. They are made up of breathable and comfortable material. Leather or breathable material helps to maintain the moisture balance and keep the feet dry in order to prevent form smelly odour or infections.

Its outsole is well cushioned and is anti-slip which is good for traction and friction and helps the feet to grow naturally and healthy. Because of having a stylish look, these shoes can be use for any formal or informal occasion such as birthday parties. They are best for crawling, walking and playing. They are also served as best shoes for your baby’s photography. 

NO: 4  Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes

Key Features

  • Baby Boy Shoes 
  • Baby Girl Shoes
  • Moccasins
  • Flexible soft leather 


» Name:                            Juicy Bumbles

» Size:                                 toddlers

» Color:                              Pink Teddy

These baby shoes are made up of soft leather Which is also very flexible and allow your baby’s feet to grow healthy and naturally. Because of having a soft thin sole, it gives a feel or being barefoot to the baby. But they protect baby’s feet due to having a soft suede non slip sole. In order to have a grip on the feet, it has elasticated ankle which ensures that fact that shoes cannot be pulled off easily.

The interesting thing about having these shoes is that they have a cartoon character on them which gives a stylish look to them and thus they are a perfect wear for birthday parties or any other occasion. Moreover, baby’s can use them for indoor use such as while crawling or walking. 

NO: 5  Save Beautiful Baby Girls Boys Canvas Sneakers

Key Features

  • Soft Sole
  • High-Top Ankle Infant
  • First Walkers Crib Shoes


» Name:                            Meckior

» Size:                                  Toddler


These stylish looking sneakers are made up of canvas material of very high quality. Its inside is very soft and comfortable which provides comfort to the baby’s feet. It is anti slip sole helps to walk baby of any kind surface without the fear of falling down. Its upper provides breathability and helps the baby to keep the feet dry and away from smell or infections.

It has an elastic band which serves two functions. First is to provide easy on and off and secondly, it helps to keep the shoes stay on your child’s feet. These shoes are designed in such a way that they can use for occasions such a birthday party or any other family function. Babies can also wear them while crawling or walking. 

NO: 6  RVROVIC Baby Boys Girls Shoes Canvas

Key Features

  • Toddler Sneakers
  • Anti-Slip
  • Infant First Walkers
  • 0-18 Months


» Name:                            RVROVIC

» Size:                                  Toddler


These decent looking shoes are made up of rubber sole which provides breathability and helps the child to keep the feet dry and maintain moisture of the skin. It serves good for baby’s healthy growth of feet. In order to make walking feel natural, it has anti slip sole which is also very soft and lightweight.

It has elastic band for easy on and off and it helps to stay the shoes on baby’s feet. These shoes have such a decent look that you can use them while going to some birthday party or any other occasion. They can also be use for indoor activities such as crawling or walking. 

NO: 7  Meckior Newborn Infant Baby Girls Boys

Key Features

  • Tassels Soft Sole
  • Penny Loafers Shoes
  • Prewalker
  • Moccasin


» Name:                            Meckior

» Size:                                 Toddler

» Color:                              A-blue

These shoes have a very unique designed they are very soft and lightweight which gives a very natural feel to baby while crawling or walking. It has anti slip outsole as well which also helps to maintain balance.

It has elastic ankle band which helps to keep the shoes stay on the baby’s feet and it is easy to put shoes on and off while having elastic band. These shoes have a stylish and unique look and can be use for any family function or birthday party. 

NO: 8  LAFEGEN Toddler Baby Boys Girls Sneakers

Key Features

  • PU Leather
  • Anti-Slip Soft Sole Infant
  • First Walker
  • Crib Shoes(0-18Months)


» Name:                            LAFEGEN

» Size:                                 Toddler

» Color:                              A/Brown

These simple yet stylish looking sneakers have a very soft and comfortable sole which gives a natural feel to the baby while wearing them. They are made up of very lightweight and breathable leather which provides comfort as well as breathability to the baby’s feet. Its cushioned outsole helps the baby how to walk because of having a strong grip and friction.

They are very easy wear shoes due to having an elastic ankle band which helps to stay the shoes on the feet for the whole day and provides easy on and off. Due to having a very unique design, these shoes are best to wear on occasions as well as while walking or crawling. 

NO: 9  BFOEL Boys Girls House Slippers , Shoes

Key Features

  • Winter Warm Boots
  • Shoes with Fluffy Lining
  • For Toddler
  • Little Kids


» Name:                            BFOEL

» Size:                                 Toddler

» Color:                              Pink

These shoes have a very stylish look. They are made up of v very soft fabric and PV velvet make these shoes softer and helps to reduce walking load. It has warm fur lining as well which helps to keep your baby’s feet warn in winters and it also provides comfort. Rubber outsole helps to prevent babies from slipping because it is anti slip in nature.

It protects the child against injuries and provides room for safe walking. Most interesting feature of these shoes is that they have a pompom on the heel which makes shoes more stylish and cute. They are best to use in winters such as in snow days or casual outdoor walking or any indoor party. 

NO: 10  Weestep Toddler Little Kid Boys and Girls

Key Features

  • Waterprooft
  • Warm
  • Winter Snow Boots
  • 96+ Ratings


» Name:                            Weestep

» Size:                                 Toddlers


These long shoes are made up of rubber sole which provides comfort and breathability. These shoes are designed in a way that they are best to use in winters. They have waterproof upper which allows the kids to wear them even in harsh weather and their interior keeps your child’s feet warm and cozy for the whole day. These shoes offer two types of outsole. First one is elastic band with rubber sole which provides traction and friction and helps the baby to walk freely.

And second one is hook and loop style with EVA outsole which is very lightweight and flexible and babies will never feel tires while wearing them the whole day. Its short lined fur keeps your child’s feet warm and protected from harsh weather or temperatures. They are perfect to use in extreme winters or in snow and can be use for indoor use like birthday parties. 

Best First Walking Shoes For Baby Girls & Boys Buying Guide 2020


Photo by Lisa Fotios

While buying shoes and especially for your babies, following are some factors which should be under consideration. 

  • Lightweight

Baby’s shoes must be lightweight so that they can wear them the whole day without being tired and to give them natural feel. 

  • Easy on and off

In order to give an easy on and off, baby’s shoes must have an elastic ankle band because it helps to put the shoes on and take off. Secondly, it helps to keep the shoes stay on feet for the whole day. 

  • Soft and comfortable

Baby’s shoes must have a soft and comfortable lining in order to provide them a comfortable walking experience and to help their feet grow natural and healthy. 

  • Rubber sole

Rubber sole provides breathability which helps to keep the feet dry and it helps to maintain moisture balance. And rubber outsole provides friction and traction and it helps the child to walk easily. 

First Walking Shoes For Baby Girls & Boys FAQ

Just as walking shoes are important for elders, adults, men, women, teenagers, etc. so as they are important for kids and babies too. There are a variety of first walking shoes available for small babies who have newly started to learn walking. The shoes are important for such babies because by wearing the walking shoes the baby will feel easy while walking and will learn quick how to walk. The children grow up so fast therefore it is important to buy the best shoes for them when they start walking. At our website you will see a great variety of first walking shoes. These shoes will help your child in taking their first steps with an extreme comfort and also with extra support. You must choose the shoes for your babies that have very light weight, have rubber sole and are best in providing comfort. 


Q: When should you get first walking shoes for your baby?

A: Your baby will need the first walking shoes when he/she starts to walk. The shoes are important as they provide support to your baby and also your baby will be protected from injuries or by hitting the hard surfaces. Also when you dress up your baby for any kind of family event you can put on the matching shoes too.

Q: Which type of fastener is secure for your baby?

A: The walking shoes for babies come with different types of fasteners including the Velcro, laces or with the straps. You should make sure that in which type of fastener your baby feel comfortable and gets good support while walking. 

Q: How much flexibility do the fasteners have?
A: The fasteners should be easily tightened. They must be adjustable in order to create the perfect fit for your baby. In this cases, the shoes having laces can be perfect that can be tighten and loosen according to the requirement.

Q: What are the features found in the first walking shoes?

A: While purchasing the first walking shoes for your baby; the most important thing is the fitness of the shoes that should be observed. The baby’s shoes should have round edges so that they can match the natural shape of the baby’s feet. While picking up a good pair of the walking shoes for your baby you should look for the shoes which consist of rubber soles so that they can provide a great grip to the baby for easy walking. Also the shoes must offer slip resistance and optimal shock absorption. 

Q: Which shoes are the best first walking shoes in our list?

A: In our list the shoes having the best quality are the BENHERO canvas shoes. They are made from high quality leather and come in various attractive colors. 

Q: Do the walking shoes for babies require a toe cap?

A: The baby’s shoes should have a toe cap as they are too young to handle themselves in situations such as hitting hard surfaces. The toe cap helps the babies to prevent them by hitting against hard objects. 

Q: Do the shoes for babies have anti-slip outsoles?

A: This is also an essential factor you must consider before buying walking shoes for your baby. As the shoes are for first walk it means that the baby is trying to learn walking. So in this situation where there is a risk of the baby to fall; the walking shoes must have anti-slip outsoles so that they can prevent the baby against falling.

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Best Walking Shoes For Toddlers Buying Guide


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