10 Best Running Shoes For Beginners To Buy ( Guide ) 2021

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When you start to learn new skills such as games like tennis, badminton, cricket or any sports like running, you must make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes. Having uncomfortable shoes on your feet can cause serious problems and it can lead to some serious diseases as well. Nowadays, footwear brands consider the demand of their customers and they make shoes specifically for each purpose. They make walking shoes, running shoes, sports shoes and walking shoes for beginners and so on. 

Footwear brands make the best running shoes for beginners men’s as comfortable as they can.  They take care of every problem and offer highly comfortable shoes that one can wear for a really long period of time without being tired. For this purpose, they offer infinite wave technology in shoes or mesh fabric lining along with a comfortable midsole, all these features work together and make shoes best and highly comfortable. If anyone is learning tennis and going to court on a daily basis, he/she must wear these kinds of shoes so that they can better learn and perform their task. 

Best Running Shoes For Beginners List

NO: 1  On Cloudflyer Women’s Running Shoes

On Cloudflyer Women's Running Shoes Storm/White Size 8 Width B - Medium

Cloudflyer women shoes provide an extraordinary cushioning and stability to your feet. They are made up of very comfortable and breathable material. Due to their heel strap cage, you can have a secure and customized fit. There is a liner mesh which is made up of 100% knitted antimicrobial material and it provides you more comfort and softness.

Their curved rocker midsole provide flexibility and support. Outsole is highly anti-slip and ensures your safety as well. These lightweight shoes are very comfortable and one can wear them for really a long period. 

NO: 2  Skechers Women’s Running Shoes

Skechers shoes are very lightweight and highly comfortable and they have a mesh constructed upper. They have breathable and printed upper which helps to keep your feet dry and also give a very stylish look. Due to padded heel collars, they provide extraordinary comfort and cushioning.

A seamless midsole is made up of microfiber lining for the purpose of high comfort. In order to prevent you from slipping, an anti-slip outsole is present that helps to hold your feet on uneven grounds properly. Because of the stylish look and high comfort, these best running shoes for beginners women’s are perfect to wear for everyone. 

NO: 3  On Cloudflash Men’s Running Shoes

On Cloudflash Men's Running Shoes Neon/White Size 11.5 Width D - Medium

These ultra lightweight shoes are specifically designed for beginners. They have a thin mesh upper that provides breathability to the feet and keeps your feet away from bad foot odor. There is a seamless liner mesh that also adds comfort. In order to provide an extraordinary cushioning and comfort, they also have EVA midsole in them.

The lace-up closure helps to provide a secure and customized fit. Because of having a slip-resistant outsole, you are protected and it holds you feet properly on uneven grounds. These ultra lightweight shoes are perfect for those who want to have an uninhibited running experience. 

NO: 4  Wilson Stroke Junior Tennis Shoes

Wilson Stroke Junior White/Halogen Blue/Very Berry Junior Tennis Shoes Size 4 Width Medium

Tennis shoes are made up of synthetic leather and that’s why they offer breathability to the feet and keep feet away from any bad foot odor. In order to have a secure and customized fit, lace-up closure is present. Their midfoot provides extra cushioning and stability to your feet. Due to R-DST, you can have a comfortable and cushioned feel on each step. Anti-slip outsole is durable and it provides traction.

Due to it, you can walk on uneven grounds properly and without the fear of falling down. If anyone wants to learn new skills on the court, these shoes are an excellent choice for them. 

NO: 5  Asics Gel-Game 7 Junior Laser Pink/White

ASICS GEL-Game 7 Junior Laser Pink/White Junior Tennis Shoes Size 5.5 Width Medium

Synthetic made shoes are very lightweight, stable and durable. It is breathable and their mesh also provides breathability to the feet and keeps the feet away from any bad foot odor and keeps them cool and dry. Because of having a lace-up front, they offer a secure and stable fit to the feet.

They have truss tic system technology in the midsole that is responsible to provide extraordinary comfort. Durable rubber outsole is enough to provide traction and hold feet on uneven grounds. It is also slip resistant so it ensures your safety as well. These shoes are perfect for those kids who are learning new skills such as tennis. 

NO: 6  New Balance 574 Core Men’s Running Shoes

New Balance 574 Core Men's Running Shoes Navy Size 12 Width D - Medium

Uniquely designed shoes are made up of mesh that is breathable and durable. Suede also enhances their quality as well as providing support. In order to increase the level of softness and comfort, they have padded tongue and collars. Due to having a lace-up closure, you can have a secure and customized fit as well. In order to adjust your feet properly, they offer some extra room.

Textile lining in the midsole helps to give you as much cushioned feel as it can. Rubber outsole in anti slip and it provides traction and helps you to walk easily on uneven grounds. 

NO: 7  Reebok Fusion Flexweave Women’s Running Shoes

Reebok Fusion Flexweave Women's Running Shoes Smoky Volcano/Berry/Wine/Coal/White Size 6.5 Width B - Medium

These beautifully designed shoes are very lightweight and made up of textile and suede, both materials are breathable, flexible and durable. A dual density midsole is present that provides an extraordinary comfort and flexibility. Due to lace up front, they offer a secure and stable fit.

EVA foam helps to give you a comfortable and cushioned feel on each of your steps. A high abrasion rubber outsole provides enough traction and prevents slipping so that you can walk easily on uneven grounds as well. These shoes are best to wear for those who are planning to learn some new skills. 

NO: 8  Merrell Agility Synthesis Flex Women’s Running Shoes

Merrell Agility Synthesis Flex Women's Trail Running Shoes Black Size 8 Width B - Medium

These breathable and comfortable shoes are made up of mesh and TPU upper materials. These materials help to keep your feet cool and dry and allow ventilation of air. In order to provide agility and stability, a dual directional flex groove EVA midsole is present.

In the heel, a Merrill air cushion is present that absorbs shock in order to provide stability. Outsole helps to provide traction and avoids slipping. They are perfect to wear while running. 

NO: 9  Nike Odyssey React Women’s Light Atomic Running Shoe

Nike Odyssey React Women's Running Shoes Light Atomic Pink/Black/Flash Crimson Size 7.5 Width B - Medium

Lightweight running shoes are made up of mesh upper and provide breathability to the feet by allowing ventilation of air. Within the midsole, there is a carbon infused nylon of full length. Lunar Lon cushioning provides you an extra softness and comfort and you can have a cushioned feel on every step.

Rubber outsole is very durable and has shock absorption ability. It is anti-slip in nature and helps you to protect you against slipping. It also provides traction so that you can easily walk on uneven grounds. 

NO: 10  Mizuno Wave Creation 20 Men’s Running Shoes

Mizuno Wave Creation 20 Men's Running Shoes Black Size 10.5 Width D - Medium

These shoes are specifically designed to help runners to run longer. They have an infinity wave technology in them that provides softness and comfort feel. The lightweight, breathable upper helps to keep the feet dry. In order to enhance comfort level, they have padded heel collar and tongue.

Durable rubber outsole is shock absorbing and provides traction so that you can hold your feet properly on uneven grounds and it is anti-slip which ensures your safety as well. Due to having a premium sockliner, you can have a cushioned and comfortable feel on each of your steps. 

The Best Running Shoes For Beginners Buying Guide

  • Lightweight

In order to use shoes in the beginning, you must wear lightweight shoes so that they cannot cause any trouble to you and you can focus on your task. Lightweight shoes are very easy to carry and you can walk or run for a very long time by wearing them. 

  • Breathable upper 

Breathability is very necessary for any kind of shoes. If they are not made up of breathable material, it can cause some serious effects. Shoes must be made up of breathable material so that they can keep your feet dry and healthy. 

  • Cushioned feel 

In order to provide you a comfortable and cushioned feel on each of your steps, some shoes have infinite wave technology or some other technologies to provide you with extraordinary comfort and softness. By having such technologies, you can easily run or walk for a long time without facing any difficulty. 

  • Rubber outsole

Rubber outsole ensures your safety in a way that it provides traction and holds your feet properly on uneven grounds. Moreover, it is shock absorbing and slip-resistant and helps to avoid slipping as well.  

  • Lace-up closure 

In order to provide you a secure, stable and customized fit, lace-up front is very necessary and helps in adjustability. Without a secure fit, it would be difficult to perform a task. 

  • Soft and comfortable midsole

Having a comfortable and soft midsole in running shoes for beginners is very necessary because it provides a comfortable and cushioned feel and it will help to run for a very long time. 

  • Easy to wear 

Having those shoes that do not offer easy on-off is such a difficulty and it can cause irritation as well. Shoes must have an easy on-off. For this purpose, some shoes have lace-up closure which ensures an easiest way to take your shoes on and off. 

  • Mesh fabric lining 

Although most of the shoes have a breathable upper but some shoes have a mesh fabric lining at the upper to enhance breathability and comfort level because this lining helps to provide extra softness and comfort to your feet. 

Running Shoes for Beginners


Q: For which purpose running shoes are made?

A: As the name indicates, the running shoes are specially designed for the runners. They are very light weight and comfortable to wear. They contain cushioning in the heel and forefoot therefore they absorb about four times your body weight on each step.

Q: How to pick up the right running shoes?

A: Finding the right shoes from a vast variety is the toughest job. If you are choosing running shoes from an online website for the first time or you are going to change the brand of the shoes, you should view our buying guide. It includes all the essential characteristics that a good shoe must have. 

Q: How much should you pay for running shoes?

A: Running shoes come in various prices ranging from cheap to expensive. It is obvious that the most expensive thing does not always meant to be the best for everyone. There are a lot of people who buy the cheap product and feel comfortable with it. It is the same in the case of running trainers. But the important thing is that expensive shoes always prove to be durable as compared to the cheap ones. So it is your choice that how much can you pay for a pair of shoes. 

Q: How long do running shoes last?

A: There are various factors that affect the durability of the running shoes. The running style and the weight of the runner are some of the common factors to be considered. But on an average you should purchase a new pair of shoes after 400 to 500 miles. Light weight and cheap running shoes usually last up to 300 miles.

Q: Which running shoes can be best for marathons?

A: The brands such as Nike and New balance are manufacturing running shoes especially for long marathons. Both these brands are included in our list. You can check out those branded shoes of you are going to purchase shoes for marathon.

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