10 Best Walking Shoes Brands 2021

Best Walking Shoes Brands 2021

Skechers is a best walking shoes brand which is designed for soft and comfortable footwear and is based in Manhattan Beach, California. Robert Greenberg is its founder and initially he offered only two types of shoes which are utility boots and skate boots. But with the passage of time, this brand provides numerous kinds of shoes such as casual, athletic, fashionable, stylish, utility boots and skate boots. This brand was founded in 1992 but got famous with the passage of time because of their quality of walking shoes. Nowadays, Skechers is the third largest athletic footwear brand in the US and is one of those brands which are growing very fast in the US. Skechers products are manufactured in a number of factories which are based in China and Vietnam.

The most amazing thing about this brand is that they provide very comfortable and supportive products because they have memory foam soles. Memory foam soles provide enough cushioning for the foot and are breathable and flexible. This foam is very flexible and adjusts according to the position of the shoes. This brand provides a number of different fitting options that are required. For women, it provides shoes with B width and for men; it provides shoes having D width. But these widths are so flexible that they fit or accommodate according to the size of the foot. If necessary, it gets longer according to the width of the foot. They understand that every foot has a different size so they offer an extra room around the toe. If you like some Skecher shoes but you find them tight around your feet, and then there is no need to worry because they are flexible enough to fit according to the size of your feet. So, you can buy them with comfort.

Best thing about Skecher shoes is that they are washable and you can clean them easily. In order to clean your shoes, you can wash their upper with any mild detergent and cloth. This will remove all the stains from the upper. After washing, you have to dry the shoes with the help of air dry or you can dry them naturally at room temperature. But it will take some longer period of time i.e 10 to 12 hours. But do not clean them in a machine as it will affect the material and stitching of shoes. These shoes are not usually waterproof but you can wash them by applying a waterproof spray on them.

NO: 2  New Balance

New balance is a best footwear brand which was founded in 1906 and is based in the Boston Massachusetts area. It was founded by William J. Riley and initially its name was “New Balance Arch Support Company” .This Company is one of the world’s major companies that provide sports footwear. This brand is known for its best high quality shoes which provide comfort. It has been running the business for over 100 years. New balance produced special products for different sports such as cycling, cricket, football and basketball. 

New balance provides high quality shoes which provide comfort, flexibility, durability side by side. Shoes are made up of 100% suede or mesh and these shoes are imported because their factories are based internationally. They are made up of rubber sole which provides flexibility as well as comfort. They help their consumers to fit the feet well in the shoes without facing any difficulty. If shoes are somehow tight, there is no need to worry because rubber sole has flexible nature. Due to having absorb midsole cushioning, it helps to dry the feet or avoid sweating which can be a cause of infections. They know that traction is very necessary while running especially for those who play. Thus, to avoid slipping, these shoes have rubber outsole in them which provides traction as well as durability. To provide more comfort, these products have padded tongue and collar. Their products have a seamless logo at the sides of the shoes, hence give them a classy and attractive look and you can also use them to carry fashion. 

Their products are available in more than one size and color. They provide numerous attractive colors for their audience and there are different sizes. People can choose size according to their feet.  These shoes are specifically designed for sports such as cricket, running or basketball but people can use them for casual use as well. There is no restriction on it. New balance launched shoes for skating as well and these skateboarding shoes names as “new balance numeric”. New balance shoes assign numbers to their sneakers to ensure that every product is different from others and no two products are the same. The higher the number assigned on the product, it means the higher the prices and technology used in the sneakers. They have different sneakers for men and women. Those shoes which are for men, “M” is written on the product while those which are assigned for women, “W” is written on them. This brand is very popular on Amazon and people buy products worldwide according to their desire. 


NO: 3  Reebok

Reebok is an American footwear and best walking shoes brands which has been controlled by Adidas since 2005. It is based in Bolton, Lancashire, England and was launched in 1958 but was the extension of JW foster and sons company and that company was launched in 1895. Reebok promotes fitness and thus it offers products for sports and running. It is a footwear as well as clothing brand. Clothing includes hoodies, pants and t-shirts while footwear includes sportswear. Reebok pumps are the shoes that are the brand’s signature product especially designed for basketball players. Their footwear collection is named as men’s basketball shoes.

Reebok believes in the individuality of humans and they understand that humans are unique and each person is different from the other person. They introduced the best sportswear and they are designed especially for playing football. Shoes are made up of zig zag foam sole to provide enough friction and traction while running. They have athletic footwear technology in them. To provide maximum comfort and fit, they have built-in air bladder in them which is inflated with air when one pushes a ball. And due to having this feature, maximum number of shoes were sold by Reebok throughout the whole world despite having very high rates. But people especially athletes do not care about the prices of the shoes but they care most about their comfort and they do not compromise on it. 

Reebok shoes offer high durability and comfort. They have cushioned lining in them which also provides breathability. Due to having a breathable material, it helps to keep the feet dry and away from sweating because sweating can lead to smelly odor of the feet and infections. Those who play sports, this feature help them a lot and prevent them from any infectious diseases.  Reebok shoes which provide more durability are reebok classic shoes. They are made up of synthetic leather which is perfect for providing maximum breathability and durability. And in order to fit the shoes, they have a lacing system on them. These shoes are also cleanable and can wash easily. Even their insoles can be taken out for washing purposes. Most shoes offer EVA midsole for providing enough cushioning and durability. Every pair of shoes is available in different sizes and in different colors on Amazon. You can buy them according to your need because this brand is one of the most popular brands on Amazon.


Laoks footwear and best walking shoes brand was founded in 1989 and has got popularity worldwide due to its quality products. It has become a big enterprise in this modernized world. They manufacture and sell products by themselves. This brand has now gained a good reputation because of their unique designs of shoes and high quality of products which they sell internationally. The secret of their success is that they have well experienced professional designers. In every season, these designers work hard and they introduce new designs which are completely different from the previous ones. They maintain the requirement of current fashion and design products accordingly. They make their shoes for every age. No matter if the person is the age of 16 or age of 50. The bright style of their products, amazing personality and moderate price make the products more valuable for the consumers. This brand is one of the top brands which are selling their products on amazon. 

Their products are very fashion oriented that can be suitable for daily routine, social and wild activities. Although their shoes are fashionable, they provide equal comfort. That ensures diversity in their products. Making fashionable shoes does not mean that they do not provide comfort to the feet. Laos break this stigma by providing comfort in all types of shoes. Their shoes offer high quality comfort and durability. They are made up of breathable material like synthetic or leather which provides breathability. Having breathability means it allows air to pass through and it helps to keep the feet dry which in turn prevents from having any infectious diseases and smelly odor of the feet.

On the other side, their products offer very high quality outsole which provides traction and friction. Having this type of outsole helps to have a proper grip on the surface and prevents slipping. Their sneakers are available in different sizes and in different colors. If you want to try some different color, you can have many options of different colors here and you can choose color which suits best interest. Most of the sneakers are made up of the soft mesh fiber with cushioned foot bed which ensures comfort for the whole day. Due to having small bumps on the soles, it gives massage to the feet when one’s walking. They have some room for flexibility. If you find some of their shoes tight, there is no need to worry because they can perfectly fit your feet when you wear them. 


Puma is a multinational company of Germany and it is based in Bavaria, Germany. This best walking shoes brand is an expert in designing athletes as well as casual footwear. Puma is the world’s third largest company of sports footwear and is the 22nd most popular clothing and footwear brand of the world. This company was founded by Rudolf Dassler in 1948. They distribute their products in more than 120 countries of the world and they do not compromise on the quality of their products. They provide equally high quality products to every consumer based in any country. 

Puma provides fashionable and unique products to their consumers and this is one of the most popular brands of the Amazon. Despite having fashionable designs, they ensure comfort to their consumers as well. They make their products very lightweight so that people can carry them easily. They make their shoes with breathable mesh which provides breathability. There is an advantage of having breathability as it allows air to pass through them and helps to keep the feet dry which in turn is good to prevent smelly odor of the feet and from any infectious diseases which can be caused through sweating. They have rubber sole as well which means they provide comfort and traction. Rubber outsole helps to grip the feet easily on the floor and avoid slipping. It provides durability as well. In addition, their products have comfortable foam inside their shoes which helps to provide flexibility to the shoes as well as comfort. 

Puma is unique in its own way as it keeps launching new styles every year. It manufactures the best sports footwear. You can use one pair of shoes for running, gym or for casual use; they introduce diverse features in their footwear.  Their products have an eye catching look due to their classy logon on the shoes which make it more attractive to the consumer and they first check the look of the shoes instead of checking price and comfort. Most distinguishing feature of puma shoes is that they cover the ankle and provide some room to help the feet to adjust in the shoes. These shoes are best to use for any type of sports like soccer, tennis or golf. Puma provides you trendy shoes with high performance, functionality and technology. Puma footwear are versatile in nature because people can use them for indoor as well as for outdoor use. Shoes which are made up of leather are washable and consumers can clean them easily. 


Bornshoes.com Sale Page

Born is a footwear and best walking shoes brand that makes quality and comfortable products for its dedicated admirers throughout the whole world. This brand has been working for the past 100 years and has made its name by providing high quality shoes to its consumers. This company has been working since 1883 and was founded by H.H Brown. Instead of making sportswear, like most shoe making companies do, born makes fashionable boots and sandals for its dedicated followers. To sell their products in a unique way and to attract audiences, born selects themes for every year. Born designers work day and night to produce quality products. These products provide comfort and fashion to the consumers. These boots and sandals are made up of the finest raw material. Their shoes are best for those people who want to follow fashion according to the recent trend because born follows the trends and make shoes accordingly. 

Born shoes provide extraordinary comfort to the consumers as their upper is made up of leather. Leather is a breathable material and provides breathability to the feet. It allows ventilation of the air and helps to avoid sweating and keep the feet dry so that feet can prevent from smelly odor and infections. In order to avoid sweating, high tech fabric sock is also used in them. An arch cushion is used to give extra comfort to the feet. It also provides flexibility which helps to adjust the feet into the shoes. For flexibility purposes, cushion foam and support foam are also used. An air diffusing layer is also present in the sole of the shoes which helps to reduce the air pressure. Some shoes do not have this feature and it causes disturbing noise while walking because air is not equally distributed. High quality outsoles are used which provides durability to the shoes. It provides traction and friction and prevents slipping. All products are very lightweight for comfortable wear. Leather which is used in the manufacturing of their products is of very high quality, soft and comfortable. 

To make born products different and unique from other brands, they have their signature opanka hand-stitching technique. This technique serves many benefits. First is that it provides flexibility. It gives shoes a natural feel and helps to adjust the feet. It also helps to provide extra cushioning. In order to provide extra comfort, this technique also provides roomy toe boxes. This brand has a very unique design of shoes with contrasting colors. Color of the outsole can be matched with the color of the upper and so on. This contrast provides a really unique pair of shoes which you can wear at any occasion or for daily use. Each pair is available in different colors and in different sizes. Born is one of the most famous brands on Amazon. 

NO: 7  WXQ

Wxq is a footwear and best walking shoes brand that provides numerous kinds of shoes for all four seasons. They design different products for different seasons. They provide comfortable products to all over the world and do not compromise on their quality. They make high quality shoes that are very consumer friendly. There are some features that distinguish these products from others. Its upper is made up of breathable material which provides breathability to the feet. Breathable material allows ventilation of the air and air helps to keep the feet away from sweat and helps to keep them dry. If there is no breathable material, feet will get infections due to sweat. Their products are ultra lightweight and they give a natural feeling that if not wearing anything. Lightweight shoes are easy to carry and one can wear them for a longer period of time. In order to reduce harm to knees, they offer elastic soft sole which provides buffer between feet and ground. One of the most important features include that a pattern is formed on the bottom of the shoes, which offers a strong grip to the ground and avoid slipping.

 Wxq offers reasonable prices for their consumers. But they provide the best product at low rates. Their shoes are washable and you can wash them easily if they get dirty. They are somehow stretchy and flexible. People sometimes claim that their size is not available but the solution is that you can buy shoes near to your actual shoe size and wear them. With some passage of time, these shoes get flexible and help to adjust the feet into the shoes. 

Wxq is one of the most popular brands on Amazon and people love to buy shoes from this brand and people say that they are as soft as marshmallows. And they give totally a natural feel by wearing them. People are impressed by the style of the shoes because they have a unique look in their own way. These shoes can be used for running, walking or for casual use. Black shoes look so classy that they can wear on any occasion or formal use. Each pair of shoes is available in different sizes and different colors. You can buy shoes according to your own desire. If you want to buy some really nice color footwears, you can have many options there. These shoes are designed in such a way that you will never regret buying them. Because they are best in terms of design, comfort, softness, breathability and durability. 

NO: 8  Rockport

Rockport is an American manufacturing company and it is based in Newton, Massachusetts. It was founded by Saul L.Katz in 1971. This company provides footwear to more than 60 countries in the whole world wide and they make the best quality products. Rockport designers take care of the consumers’ desires and make shoes accordingly. They are concerned about the people’s demand and modify their shoes accordingly. They have unique designs of their footwear and they sell a huge number of shoes all over the world.

Rockport shoes have certain features which make them attractive and distinguish them from other shoes. Their manufacturer material is 100% san crisping. These shoes are imported because they are manufactured in U.S. they have rubber sole inside them which gives these shoes flexibility and comfort. To help adjust the feet in the shoes, there is some room for proper adjustability. Rubber outsole is used to provide traction and durability. It introduces friction and holds the shoes properly on the ground to avoid slipping. In this way, you can get rid of injuries. In order to provide extra comfort, their products have padded collar and tongue which are very soft. Their upper is made up of leather which provides breathability. Breathable material helps to ventilate the air and helps to keep the feet dry. Dry feet are less able to catch smelly odor and infections. Latex foam footbed is also used in the footwear to provide comfort. Midsoles are very light so they give a natural feel to the feet and moisture-wicking mesh lining is used in them.

Rockport uses soft and genuine leather for their shoes in order to give proper comfort and ease. These have different kinds of shoes with extended sizes and widths. They have narrow shoes, wide shoes and extra shoes as well. These shoes are washable because they are made up of high quality material and you can clean them easily. They make the best walking shoes and their shoes can be used for formal as well as for casual use. They use advanced athletic technologies in casual shoes as well. Their products are available in different sizes and different colors. They have a sizing chart such as B is used for narrow, D is for middle and 2E is for wide. They make shoes for both men and women and each style is different from the other. No two designs are the same and every product is unique in its own way.


Carolina is an Australian best walking shoes brand that offers a huge amount of products including clothing and footwear. This brand emerged with American style and now it makes the most unique products for its consumer. They make shoes not just for men but also for women and kids as well. In this way, they show respect to every gender and every age group and understand that each individual has a right to wear comfortable shoes. They use high quality leather in making their shoes, especially logger boots. And they are famous for their high quality boots. 

Carolina footwear designers use advanced technology in making in their shoes to provide extraordinary comfort. They are made up of breathable material especially from leather or synthetic. That allows shoes to breathe and ventilate air. Ventilation of air through shoes allows the feet to stay dry and keep away feet from smelly odor which can be produced by sweating. They have very soft lining in them which ensure extra comfort to the consumers. For outsole, slip-resistant technology is used through which it avoids slipping and holds the shoes on the ground properly by providing traction. They are made up of material which can be easily washed because their shoes have water proof technology in them. All these qualities contribute to making the best quality product ever. 

In addition to the above mentioned technologies, some advanced technologies are also used such as opanka (hand-made material which provides durability), pillow cushion (memory foam that wrap up the feet in comfort) , Goodyear weather adapt outsole (helps to adapt to low temperatures and survive in cold) , D30 (offers great protection in extreme temperature), overtime comfort system dual density foam footbed and work flex outsole (abrasion resistant for longer wear). These technologies are used to give comfort to the feet of an individual. So that people can use it for casual use. Their products are available in different sizes and in different colors. If you want to try some really nice colors, you can have the best option here to choose a very unique color. There are different sizes of widths as well such as 2E, 3E, 4E, B, D, E, M, R and W. these all sizes are for different widths. 

Carolina’s goal is to provide effective shoes for working people. They understand the differences in job requirements so they designed the products in order to accommodate those differences. 

NO: 10  Brooks

Brooks  is an American footwear company and best walking shoes brand it is the subsidiary of Adidas. It was founded by Joe and Jeff foster in 1958 in England. This brand is famous for both clothing and footwear. Reebok designers manufacture and sell fitness, running and cross fit sportswear. Rebook is the 14th most famous clothing and footwear brand. It makes reliable and good quality products. Rebook promotes fitness and they believe that fitness is for everybody and they are trying to produce best fitness shoes in the industry. They make products for men, women and for kids also. 

In order to make high quality products, they make their products from high quality and pure material. Their footwears are made up of synthetic or mesh. These are breathable material and it helps to ventilate the air and helps to keep the feet dry and away from sweat. Sweat can produce bacteria which are the cause of smelly odor. To help reduce smelly odor, breathable material is very necessary. Rubber sole is used in order to provide comfort and flexibility. In order to give you natural feel by wearing their products, they use inside cushioning which is a very soft and lightweight material. It also gives high amount of comfort especially for those who run or play.

They use a patterned outsole to provide traction and to prevent individual from slipping. Outsole is anti-slip and anti-resistant. It also helps to provide durability and helps to hold the shoes in the ground properly. A classy logo is appeared on both pairs of the shoes which gives them a fashionable and classy look. Although these shoes have somehow fashionable look but they can be used for casual use as well. But they are best for playing sports. Their products are made up of washable material and consumers can wash or clean them easily. There is no need to worry about cleaning them because you can easily wash them through any mild detergent. 

These shoes help to stabilize your feet and have a wide toe box to adjust the feet in the shoes properly. Rebook shoes are available in different sizes and in different colors. Each pair of shoe has a number of different colors and sizes. If you are thinking of buying some really nice shoes with some unique color, this brand is best to satisfy your desire. And if you are a sports person, you should definitely try their specialized sports products. 


Best Walking Shoes Brands Buying Guide & FAQ


Walking shoes are manufactured by various brands. You will see a great variety of different types of walking shoes in the market today. Among different brands we are introducing you the best brands for walking shoes. These brands include Skechers, New balance, Reebok, LAOKS, Puma, Born, WXQ, Rockport, Carolina and Brooks. These are among the best brands that are leading in the market today. 

Picking up the right pair of shoes for you from the vast variety is the most difficult thing. You must know the qualities and characteristics of a good pair of shoes so that you can buy the most suitable pair for you. 

Above is the description of the top branded shoes that are named before. You can read the description to know that which type of walking shoes will make you feel comfortable. Below are some of the characteristics of the walking shoes that will help you choose the best pair of shoes. 


Light weight and flexible:

The walking shoes must be light weight and flexible so that it becomes easy for you to walk or run with them. The light weight shoes don’t make any kind of burden on your feet and also you will not feel any kind of pain in your feet. Flexibility of the shoes is an important feature as the shoes twist when you walk or run so it will not damage the shoes. 


Cushioning makes the shoes very soft and comfortable and protects your feet from painful impacts. From walking to jogging and exercise force and shock can vary but wearing shoes with minimal or no cushioning will be very hazardous. To prevent injuries and foot pain, the shoes must be highly padded with cushion.


The uppers of the shoes are usually made from leather or mesh. Those that are made from leather prove to be more durable than those made from mesh. The leather upper is also more water resistant than the mesh upper. If you used to work in a harsh environment or somewhere where your walking shoes are likely to get wet, then you should choose the shoes having leather uppers. The leather uppers are also more long lasting.


The insole is also an important part of the walking shoes. A good pair of shoes consists of a highly cushion padded insole. Most of the insoles are removable allowing you to change the type of insole if you are using some prescribed insoles.   


The midsole of the walking shoes provides you most of the protection from impact if your foot is hit by the ground at a sudden. While walking, each step you take sends a shock impact through your feet. So while buying walking shoes pair check whether its midsole is durable.


The outsole of the walking shoes should be durable and strong enough as it has to face the surface of the ground. Most of the good walking shoes have a rubber outsole; it provides a strong grip to the shoes while walking and do not slip even on the watery surface. 


The walking shoes should be slip-resistant so that while walking or running they do not slip. The shoes that are not anti-slip; have a greater risk to be slipped and you can fall on a slippery surface. So always search for a pair of shoes that is slip-resistant.




Q: Can I use my walking shoes as running shoes?

A: Yes. You can use your walking shoes as running foot wears and also your running shoes as walking shoes. The running shoes also provide extreme comfort and the walking shoes are strong enough that you can run while wearing them.

Q: How long do walking shoes last?

A: The walking shoes must be replaced after every 6-9 months ideally, but it depends on how much you use the shoes for walking. If you wear the shoes less, they can be used for very long time. 

Q: Is it necessary for the walking shoes to be light weight?

A: Yes, it’s necessary that the walking shoes must be light in weight as they are to be worn for long time walking. A good pair of shoes provides you the maximum comfort and is must light in weight. By wearing a light pair of shoes you don’t feel tired or heavy. The heavy weighted shoes will make you tired easily and you will feel difficult in walking. So always search for such a pair of shoes that are light in weight.


Q: Do the shoes must have anti-slip outsoles?

A: The shoes must have slip-resistant outsole. All the walking shoes that included in our list have slip-resistant outsoles as they are manufactured by the best brands having the best qualities. An anti-slip outsole provides you protection when you walk or run and prevents you from being fallen.


Q: How much should you pay for a pair shoes?

A: All types of shoes are available in various prices; they can be cheap and expensive. It is considered that the expensive walking shoes are more durable as compared to those of the cheap ones. It all depends upon you; if you are willing to buy an expensive pair of shoes then you should go for it but if you cannot purchase an expensive one then go for the less expensive without worrying about its quality.

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