Best Walking Shoes For High Arches And Plantar Fasciitis 2020

Date: January 7, 2021

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Some people have high arch feet. High arches are the fixed flexion of the arch of the foot. Due to having a high arch of the foot, body weight is totally distributed in only heels and arch of the foot. This causes extra pressure on toes and ankle and it leads to pain. Although high arch is not a problem for all people, but it can develop with age. As a person grows up, his/her compressed bones begin to fuse with one another. High arches can include Metatarsalgia which is pain and cramping in the ball of the foot, lateral ankle instability and it can often cause twisting and tripping.  In order to reduce pressure and for treatment of high arches, custom orthotic devices are being used. These devices are inserted in the best walking shoes for high arches to provide support to the arch and reduce pressure on heel and toes. Nowadays, custom orthotic shoes are also available and are the best solution. 

Plantar fasciitis is another problem related to feet in which a thick band of tissue is inflamed which connects heel bones to the toes by running across the bottom of the foot. If not treated plantar fasciitis, it can cause some serious problems. The best solution for treating plantar fasciitis is also to use medicated shoes that provide proper support to the feet. People also buy special shoes to relieve their pain and stress on the foot. 

There are some things which should be under consideration while buying shoes for plantar fasciitis or high arches. These best walking shoes for high arches and plantar fasciitis must be light, should have soft and air cushioning in them having a rubber sole which provides comfort and flexibility to your feet. These shoes must have gel cushioning system as well for shock absorption. There are some advantages to using orthopedic shoes. They provide extra support and comfort to your feet. They ensure high circulation and less pain in the feet. If you have a minor problem, it is possible that you might get rid of that problem by using shoes. If not using these shoes, it can leads to serious effects as well. 

Best Walking Shoes For High Arches And Plantar Fasciitis Men-Women List 2020

NO: 1  ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6

Key Features

  • Rearfoot GEL
  • Cushioning System
  • AHAR Outsole
  • Removable Sockliner


» Name:                            ASICS

» Color:                              Slate Grey/Frosted Rose

These best women’s running shoes for plantar fasciitis and high arches have a rear foot gel cushioning system in them which reduce shock during impact phase and helps to allow for a smooth transition to midstance. They have a removable sockliner that helps to accommodate a medical orthotic.

A trial specific outsole is also present that provides both uphill and downhill traction. In order to provide exceptional durability, high abrasion rubber is present in its outsole. You can walk easily and freely while wearing these shoes even if you have high arches. 

NO: 2  ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

Key Features

  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top


» Name:                            ASICS

» Size:                                 all

» Ratings:                          8136+

Imported shoes that are made up of synthetic provide breathability to your feet. Rubber sole which is present in them is responsible for providing flexibility and comfort. Due to having rear foot gel cushioning in them, they reduce shock during impact phase. It also helps to allow for a smooth transition to midstance.

A sockliner is also present which can be removable that helps to accommodate a medical orthotic. To provide uphill and downhill traction, a trail specific outsole is present. High abrasion rubber is also present in critical areas of outsole to provide exceptional durability to your feet. 

NO: 3  saucony women’s walking shoe

Key Features

  • 100% Full-grain leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top  


» Name:                            saucony

» Size:                                all


Shoes that are specifically designed for women are imported and are made up of 100% full grain leather. They have shaft measures that are approximately low-top from arch. In order to provide extra comfort to your feet, these shoes have padded tongue and collar.

They have durable XT-900 material that is present in high-wear portions of the outsole. Due to having walk-trac comfort outsole, you can easily walk them by wearing these shoes. They are best walking shoes for high arches for your feet if you have high arches. 

NO: 4  Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Key Features

  • 100% Leather
  • Other sole
  • Extra wide width
  • Slip-resistant


» Name:                            Brooks

» Size:                                 ALL

» Color:                              BLACK

Specifically men designed shoes are made up of 100% leather that helps to provide breathability to your feet. In order to provide maximum support to your arch, they have extended progressive diagonal rollbar that helps to maintain proper balance and keep the body in its natural path. Its innovative and slip resistant outsole helps to stable your feet and you can walk efficiently.

In order to provide soft cushioning, these best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis have biomogo DNA that helps to adapt your weight and speed so that your each step can be comfortable. As they are fully made up of leather, they are durable and long lasting in nature. You can use them for over a period of years. 

NO: 5  brooks adrenaline gts 18 women’s running shoes

Key Features

  • Manmade,Mesh
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole 
  • Road. Differential 


» Name:                            brooks

» Size:                                  ALL



Man made imported shoes made up of synthetic sole are very comfortable for your feet. Their composing material is breathable so provides breathability to your feet and prevents smelly odor. Due to having flexible mesh in them, your feet can easily adjust in them. They have asymmetrical mid foot saddle to give a more secure and customized fit to you.

They have a plush tongue and collar that provide extra comfort. In order to provide light underfoot cushioning they have removable molded foam insoles. Biomogo DNA is also present to provide cushioning for your dynamic ride. Progressive giagnol rollbar is also present to help maintain your balance on the ground. These shoes are best for you to perform. 

NO: 6  Vionic Women’s Walker

Key Features

  • Leather
  • rubber-sole
  • Suede Upper
  • Durable Runner Outsole 


» Name:                            Vionic

» Size:                                  ALL


Leather made shoes that have rubber sole in them are specifically designed for women. They have leather or suede upper that provides breathability to your feet. They have textile covered EVA footbed as well. Their purpose is to provide you comfort they have active motion system technology that provide extra comfort efficient walking to you.

In order to promote extra stability, a podiatrist-designed footbed is also present in every pair of vionic shoes like sandals, slippers and flats. These shoes have a trendy look so you can also weak them on some occasion. 

NO: 7  Vionic Men’s Walker

Key Features

  • Suede
  • Leather or Suede Upper
  • Removable Textile-covered EVA 
  • Walker featuring


» Name:                            Vionic

» Color:                              White Navy

Suede made shoes is specifically designed for men that provide breathability to your feet because their upper is made up of leather or suede. They have built in .5 elevations for providing transition in heel to toe strike zone. Durable rubber outsole is present in them to provide traction and prevent slipping. These shoes have received APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance.

Due to having dual density EVA technology, they provide maximum stability to the feet. A built in podiatrist designed footbed in also present in every pair of shoes such as in sandals, slippers or flats. These shoes have active motion system technology as well that combines podiatrist designed orthotic with breathable upper and cushioned outsole which supports your feet well and you can easily walk, run or play while wearing them. 

NO: 8  Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis Relief

Key Features

  • Extended Widths
  • Bunions Orthopedic
  • Diabetic Arch Support
  • Women’s Sneakers


» Name:                            Orthofeet

» Size:                                 ALL

» Color:                              Fuchsia

If you have plantar fasciitis, heel pain or foot pain, these shoes are best for you because they offer the best orthopedic footwear solution. They are lightweight having an ergonomic sole that provides air cushioning. In order to provide anatomical arch support, they have orthotic insoles that also provide soft, pillow-like support that helps to relieve pain on your feet.

Patients having diabetes, arthritis or neuropathy can also use these shoes with soft uppers having seamless fabric lining that will provide superior comfort and protection to their sensitive feet. These shoes offer a solution for bunions and hammertoes as well because of having a wide toe box that offers comfort to sensitive feet. They help to relieve stress on the joints and enhance stability for your perfect move. 

NO: 9  New Balance Men’s Mx608v4

Key Features

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top


» Name:                            New Balance

» Size:                                 ALL

» Color:                              WHITE

New balance shoes are imported and are made up of 100% leather that provides breathability to the feet to prevent them from smelly odor. They have rubber sole in them that provides flexibility and comfort to your feet and offers a customized fit. These shoes have shaft measures that are approximately low-top from your arch.

They have Injection molded ethylene vinyl acetate midsole in them that provide superior comfort. These shoes are best to provide support to your high arch and you can freely and easily walk while wearing them.

NO: 10  ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

Key Features

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Low-Top” from arch  


» Name:                            ASICS

» Size:                                 ALL


These stylish looking shoes are imported and they are made up of 100% synthetic. Due to having a rubber sole, they provide flexibility and help to adjust your feet in the shoes. These shoes have shaft measures that are approximately low-top from arch. They have rear foot and forefoot gel cushioning system that helps to reduce shock during toe-off phases and allow movement in multiple planes.

Fluid fit upper technology is also present that create a customized fit. These shoes have heel clutching system and seamless construction as well. Exoskeletol heel counter provides support to the heel so that you can move easily. 

Best Walking Shoes For High Arches And Plantar Fasciitis Buying Guide


Photo by Peter patel


  • Gel cushioning system


People that have high arches must use shoes that maintain balance. Gel cushioning system helps to attenuate the shock during impact phase and provide support to your feet. 


  • Trial specific outsole


Shoes that are designed for high arches should have trial specific outsole in them. It helps to provide both uphill and downhill traction to your feet so that you can take each step easily with maintaining your balance. 


  1. High abrasion rubber 

In order to provide durability and traction to your high arch feet, you should wear shoes that have high abrasion rubber in them so that you can walk in comfort. 


  • Removable sockliner


A removable Sockliner should also be present in the shoes that are specifically designed for high arches because it helps to accommodate a medical orthotic. 


  • Extended progressive diagnol rollbar 


Extended progressive diagnol rollbar maintain proper balance and helps the body to keep it in natural path. This should be present in medicated shoes to maintain proper balance of the body. 


Best Walking Shoes For High Arches And Plantar Fasciitis FAQ

Q: How much should you pay for a good pair of shoes?

A: The walking shoes for high arches and plantar fasciitis are available in various prices. They can be both expensive and cheap. It is not necessary that only the most expensive shoes will prove to be suitable and comfortable for everyone. It is considered that expensive shoes are more durable as compared to those of the cheap ones. It depends upon you; if you are able to buy an expensive pair of shoes then you should buy it and if you cannot afford the expensive pair of shoes then buy the cheap one without worrying about its quality.

Q: What can be a good treatment for plantar fasciitis?

A: The pain in your feet can be reduced by wearing such walking shoes that are specifically manufactured for plantar fasciitis. But you will see that the best treatment for plantar fasciitis is to get a plenty of rest. The plantar fasciitis can be recovered by decreasing the pressure which you place on your feet. As your plantar fasciitis heals, you need to wear such type of shoes that will help to prevent pain in your feet.


Q: Is it right to walk with plantar fasciitis?

A: Yes, you can easily walk with plantar fasciitis but the essential thing to consider is to wear the right pair of shoes. You must select the most comfortable and relaxing shoes which are especially manufactured for plantar fasciitis. For this purpose, you have to replace your regular wearing shoes with the plantar fasciitis shoes pair. We are providing you the best pairs of shoes for high arches and plantar fasciitis. By reading the brief description of each pair of shoe you can choose the right pair.

Q: How do you know that your new high arch support shoes are treating your orthopedic condition in right way?

A: For knowing this, you can take help from a medical professional. He will provide you good guidance. You also know that in which way you feel that your body is in best condition. If you have started wearing new shoes and you feel that there is a decrease in your foot pain then you have got the right pair of shoes. 

Q: Should the shoes for high arch and plantar fasciitis be light weight?

A: The shoes should be light weight so that they can be worn for a long time period of walking. A good pair of shoes will deliver you the maximum comfort and has light weight. They will not make you feel tired by wearing them for a long time. The shoes pair having heavy weight make burden on your feet and you will feel difficult to walk. So always search for such pair of shoes that are light in weight.

Q: Will I need an arch support for my plantar fasciitis walking shoes?

A: It is not as much necessary. With arch support, not everyone feel comfort. There are some people who feel discomfort when they wear their shoes having arch support. If you want an extra comfort during your walk then you should by such a pair of walking shoes that have a good memory foam insole; it will obviously satisfy your demands. 

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Best Walking Shoes For Men Buying Guide 

To help protect your body against various disasters, shoes is something which best suits you. Shoes protect your feet from burning while walking in very high temperature or from freezing cold.  

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