Best Walking Shoes For Kids They Should Feel Comfort Buying Guide 2020

Date: January 15, 2021

Photo by Frans Van Heerden

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The most difficult thing in this world is upbringing your children and to provide right things to them. As they are not old enough to buy things or make decisions for themselves, you as a parent have to take all the decisions and to buy things for them. Selecting a beautiful outfit for them is not as difficult as selecting a right pair of best walking shoes for shoes lover. Because getting a wrong pair of shoes to your children can lead to some serious problems which can cause lifetime health issues. As shoes maintain the balance of the body, so the one which is not properly fit into the feet can leads to serious health issue. Parents should be conscious while buying shoes for their children. 

Children themselves enjoy buying new walking shoes and they keep on trying each and every pair of shoes. Shoes which have some cartoon character or animated pictures of animals printed on them seek the best interest of children. So they like those shoes much more than the ordinary ones. One most interesting feature regarding shoes is having a LED flashlight in them. Children like that colorful lights the most and they prefer to buy them. But there are more important things which should be under consideration so that your children can enjoy while wearing them rather than just seeing them. 

One most important thing is that baby walking shoes must be soft and comfortable from inside and they should be made from breathable material so that it helps to breathe the skin of the feet. And breathable material allows the air to pass through it which helps to keep the feet dry and there is a less chance of smelly feet. Moreover, it prevents from infections. As, children have to wear shoes for almost the whole day such as while going to school, while playing, while running or doing sports. So it is essential to buy shoes which are lightweight as well as comfortable for them so that they do not feel tiredness. Second most important feature is to buy shoes whose outsole is anti-slip and helps to protect children from slipping and getting any injury. In short, shoes are the basic necessity and you should be concerned enough while buying shoes for your children or while selecting them for giving present. 

Enjoy Our 10 Best Kids Shoes For Walking List  2020 

NO: 1  Casual Walking Sneakers for Boys and Girls

Key Features

  • Little Kid/Big Kid
  • Lightweight
  • breathable mesh inside
  • Anti-collision shoes    


» Name:                            Caitin

» Size:                                Little Kid, Big Kid


These shoes are made up of breathable material which helps to breathe the skin and keeps foot away from smell. To provide comfort and maximum durability, its upper is made up of DP fly-knit. They are lightweight, soft, and comfortable and have wear-resisting MD soles which prevent slipping. So your kids can wear them while playing in rain as well.

Because of having anti-collision shoes head, your kids are being protected from hard objects. For having easy on/off, they have strap with hook. Kids can use them while walking, running, jogging, hiking, climbing and camping. 

NO: 2  Jabasic Kids Walking Shoes Boys Girls

Key Features

  • Non-Slip And Can Be Bent Freely
  • Knitted Fabric
  • Fabric sole
  • Breathable Slip on Knit Sock Sneakers


» Name:                            Jabasic

» Size:                                 All

» Ratings:                          79+

They are made up of material which can easily be washed and they are made up of fabric sole. They have super soft EVA outsole which is made up of slip-free material and can easily be bend.

Its shoe mouth is made up of elastic and it helps to protect child’s ankle. That’s why these lightweight sneakers are easy to on and off. Children can use them for indoor as well as for outdoor use such as for walking, running and sports.

NO: 3  Kids Sneakers Running Shoes Boys

Key Features

  • Lightweight  
  • Breathable
  • Boys Tennis Shoes
  • Walking Shoes


» Name:                            Littleplum

» Size:                                 Kids


These shoes are made up of breathable material that helps to breathe the skin easily and to prevent from infections and from smelly feet. They have rubber sole so that it can hold the feet properly and can provide comfort.

Because these shoes are lightweight, so they can be used while running. Children can use it while playing games and sports. Your kids can use them if they are participating in any race. 

NO: 4  Santiro Kids Shoes for Boys Girls

Key Features

  • Breathable
  • Knit Athletic
  • Running
  • Sneakers


» Name:                            Santiro

» Size:                                 Kids

» Color:                               Red

These shoes are made up of material which is breathable like fiber or synthetic. This material helps to breathe your feet and prevent from any smell or infection. Its outsole is highly elastic, soft, anti-slip and shock absorption. This can help kids to run or walk freely without the fear of being fell down. Its upper is very comfortable and allows air to go in and out.

To prevent kids against hard objects, it has anti-collision toe caps. To wear shoes quickly and easily by themselves, these shoes have convenient hook and loop closure design. These shoes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use such as walking, running, sports, hiking, travelling etc. 

NO: 5  Child Girls Walking Shoes

Key Features

  • Walking
  • Breathable
  • Rubber sole
  • Available in classic color


» Name:                            Chiximaxu

» Size:                                 Kids


These lightweight shoes have rubber sole to provide comfort to the feet. Its upper is made up of breathable material so that air can pass through it easily. This helps to prevent your child from smelly feet and away from any kind of infections. Its outsole is anti-slip and made up of rubber which helps to prevent child from falling down by slipping and prevent from injuries.

They have easy on and off and children can wear them by themselves very easily. Although these shoes are very simple, but they can be wear with all type of outfits such as shorts or skirts. A best thing about these shoes is that they can be washed easily and they have a very fine look that you can give it to others as a present. 

NO: 6  Biacolum Kids Shoes Outdoor Hiking

Key Features

  • Leather and Rubber sole
  • playing, hiking,walking
  • Comfortable
  • breathable uppers


» Name:                            Biacolum

» Size:                                 All Kids


These shoes are made up of breathable material and rubber sole. Rubber sole provides comfort and breathable material helps to breathe the skin and prevent from infections. It has foam insole to provide comfortable wear. Its upper is waterproof so they can be used easily in rain. Children can wear them while playing in water.

Rubber sole provides grip and in turn ensures the safety of the kids. These shoes have very unique design and kids can wear them by themselves because there is no need to tie them but instead of tying, they have a hook. 


NO: 7  AoSiFu Kids Athletic Running Shoes Boys Girls

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Tennis Sneakers
  • Toddle
  • Little Kid/Big Kid


» Name:                            AoSiFu

» Size:                                 All Kids

» Color:                              Pink

These shoes are imported and are made up op of synthetic or mesh fiber. Mesh upper provides breathability and comfort to the kids. Its outsole is made up of MD material and it serves for many purposes such as shock absorption and flexibility.

Because of having elastic band and strap, they are very easy to on and off and kids can wear them easily by themselves. These shoes can be use for daily wear, while going to school, running, hiking, jogging etc. 

NO: 8 DADAWEN Boy’s Girl’s Casual Shoes

Key Features

  • Light Weight
  • Sneakers Running Shoes
  • Toddler
  • Little Kid/Big Kid


» Name:                            DADAWEN

» Size:                                 All Kids

» Color:                              Black/Tank

These shoes are very lightweight, soft, and comfortable and made up of breathable material which helps to breathe the feet to prevent kids from smelly feet and infections. They are made up of synthetic and rubber sole. It has very unique design, padded collar and tongue.

Its outsole is very flexible having a round shoes head, and anti-slip flexible rubber outsole. They are very easy to on and off because of having convenient hook and strap and kids can also wear them by themselves.

NO: 9  Hawkwell Kids Sneakers Boys Girls

Key Features

  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfort
  • Running Shoes
  • Little Kid


» Name:                            Hawkwell

» Size:                                 Kids

» Color:                              Black

These simple looking shoes are made up of EVA sole. Its upper is very lightweight and breathable which helps to provide comforts and as well as breathability to the feet. Its EVA outsole has an excellent grip on all of the surfaces and is anti-slip which helps to protect kids from injuries. It is made up of washable material and can be washed easily.

it is designed in such a way that its toe cap protects the kids from hard objects. Because of having hook and strap, they are very easy to on and off and kids can wear them by themselves without facing any difficulty.

NO: 10  Dinosles 3D T-REX Flashing LED Low-Top Shoes

Key Features

  • For Children Boys Girls
  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Casual Running Sneakers
  • Walking Shoes
  • With Eye Blinking Dinosaurs 


» Name:                            Dinosles

» Size:                                 Kids

These stylish shoes are made up of synthetic sole which is breathable material and helps to prevent kids from smelly feet. They have a very unique design and a dinosaur is made on these shoes so that your kids can happily wear them. Dinosaur pattern is 3D so some kids can also play with them if they love dinosaurs. Interesting things about these shoes is that they have LED flashing light on the eyes of dinosaurs to give them a realistic look.

But you don’t need to worry about battery time because it can blink from 10,000 to 20,000 times. These shoes are best to give as a present to your loved ones and children will be happy to receive such a lovely pair of shoes. Kids can wear them by themselves because of having hook and strap.



Photo by Bess Hamiti


  • Lightweight

Kids’ shoes must be made up of lightweight material so that kids can wear them all the time without any difficulty and without facing tiredness. 

  • Breathable material 

Shoes must be made up of breathable material so that air can pass through them and keeps your feet dry. This will help kids to prevent from smelly feet and from any infections. 

  • Toe cap

Kids’ shoes must have to cap that helps children to prevent them against hard objects. Children might encounter some injury on their feet if they do not have any toe cap or they might hurt their feet. 

  • Rubber outsole 

Kids’ shoes must have rubber outsole because it is anti-slip and prevent from slipping the kids. Kids can wear these types of shoes while playing in water or in rain without having the fear of falling down by slipping. 

  • Easy on and off 

Shoes which are easy to on and off have hook and convenient strap instead of having shoes lace. Advantage of having hook and strap is that kids can wear them by themselves without depending on others. 

  • Washable 

They should be made up of washable material so that you can wash shoes easily. Because kids are a bit careless and they get their shoes dirty in no time. So it would help you to retain the look of the shoes by washing them on and off. 


Q: After how much time should I replace my child’s shoes?

A: This depends upon the things like wear and tear. But the most important thing is the fitness of the shoes in the kid’s feet. The baby’s feet grow on average sizes in his/her first year, then when he/she start going to school, and when he/she becomes a teen. But every child is different in his/her growth and development, so it’s essential to get the shoes checked and feet should be measured regularly by trained fitters.

Q: Do the kids need insoles?

A: It’s not at all as much important. But if your child has been prescribed an insole by a podiatrist or he/she faces ankle, heel, or leg pain while walking or wearing shoes; the insole becomes important in such case. You can buy such pair of shoes for your child even if he/she has no problem while wearing them.

Q: Which shoes will be better for my kid either with the lace one or with the velcro?

A: Both of these types of shoes are equally good. For the small kids the velcro shoes are easier to put on and take off as compared to tying the laces of the shoes. The tying of laces seems a little bit difficult especially for the kids. The tying of laces seems a little bit difficult especially for the kids. So if you are going to shoes between the shoes with laces and with Velcro; choose the shoes having Velcro.

Q: What features should the best kid’s shoes have?

A: While picking up the best shoes for your kid the most important thing that you should consider is the fitness of the shoes. Also look for the shoes that have rubber soles and those which are light in weight and flexible too and also they should offer slip resistance and optimal shock absorption. The shoes must have round edges so that they could match the natural shape of the kid’s feet.

Q: Are there shoes for kids with flat feet?

A: Often kids have flat feet. It takes a long time for the kid’s foot muscles to develop and lift the arch naturally. That’s why it is essential to buy the shoes which can enhance a child’s ability to sense and respond to the ground while walking. The best shoes for children is sized and fitted for the development of arch and support natural muscle. 

Q: Are kid’s shoes washable?

A: Yes, kid’s shoes are washable and must be washable. Kids can make their shoes dirty easily so it is necessary to wash their shoes to be cleaned easily as cleanliness is also an important factor.

Q: Should kid’s shoes have rubber sole?

A: The kid’s shoes must have rubber sole as the rubber provides a strong grip to the shoes. It makes easy for the kid to walk or run.

Q: Is toe cap necessary for the kid’s shoes?

A: The kid’s shoes should have a toe cap. It helps the children to prevent them hitting against hard objects. If the shoes do not have any toe cap; the children might hurt their feet or they might encounter some injury on their feet. 

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