Best Walking Shoes For Toddlers Buying Guide 2020

Date: January 15, 2021

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When children start to walk on their own feet at the age of 1 to 3, the biggest problem for the parents is to force them to wear shoes because it is usually not their habit to wear anything on their feet. To protect and secure them from any hurdles or hot or cold temperature, it is necessary to force them to wear shoes. They can wear shoes happily if they find it interesting or something comfortable. The only thing which can attract them is cartoon characters or animals. If they find shoes having any kind of patterns on them, or any kind of animated picture of cartoon characters or animals, they will find it most attractive. So while buying shoes for your children, you must consider this thing. 

But it is not all about fashion. You must use those which are very soft, lightweight and comfortable for your toddlers. As you all know, once kids start walking by themselves, no one can stop them. They run and never stop until they fall down. So the second most important thing is that to select best walking shoes for toddlers which have rubber sole because rubber sole provides traction or friction on floor. It helps kids to prevent away from falling down while running especially on water. It can prevent them from physical damage or fracture of any body part. 

There are certain advantages for buying shoes for your toddlers. Firstly, shoes are necessary for the healthy foot development. Selecting right shoes for them would help their feet to grow in a much better way and enhance muscle development. Secondly, they are necessary to maintain body balance as often, children are being sick because of cold. To prevent them from sickness or any other injury which can be caused while walking barefooted, they have to wear shoes specially while going outside. And even if they are inside of their home, there is a risk that they might smack their ankle to some hard furniture or they might hit some hard object on their feet. So in short, shoes ensure protection and healthy development for your toddler’s feet. And it is very necessary to buy a right pair of shoes for them. 

Enjoy Our Best Walking Shoes For Toddlers List 2020

NO: 1  Dinosles ANKYLO Flashing LED Mid-Top Shoes

Key Features

  • Children Boys Girls
  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Casual Running Sneakers
  • Walking Shoes
  • With Eye Blinking Dinosaurs 


» Name:                            Dinosles

» Color:                              Dark Blue  

These lightweight shoes are made up of breathable material which helps to breathe your feet and prevent toddlers from smelly feet or infections. Interesting feature of these shoes is that animated picture of dinosaur is printed on them and it gives very attractive look to them.

Moreover, it has a LED light in the eye of dinosaur which gives it more interesting look. These best walking shoes for toddlers are used by both boys and girls and are not gender specific. And they are best to give them as a present to others.

NO: 2  GUBARUN  Lightweight Sneakers Shoes

Key Features

  • Breathable
  • Athletic
  • Running Shoes


» Name:                            GUBARUN

» Size:                                 toddlers

» Ratings:                         340+

These best walking shoes for toddlers are very lightweight and have a very comfortable design. Breathable material is used in their composition so that it helps to breathe the feet and prevent from smelly feet. They are made up of rubber soles.

Insole provides comfort and maintains balance while outsole prevents from slipping because they are anti-slip. It has convenient hook and loop closure design which helps to properly grip the feet. These stylish looking shoes are best for casual use and kids can walk easily while wearing them.

NO: 3  ASICS Kids’ Noosa FF PS Running Shoe

Key Features

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Low-Top” from arch Seamless construction 


» Name:                            ASICS

» Size:                                 toddlers


These shoes are made up of 100% synthetic and it is a breathable material which helps to keeps dry the skin and prevents smell and infections. These best walking shoes for toddlers are imported having a synthetic sole. It has shaft measures which are almost low-top from arch. It has seamless material as well which helps to reduce the potential for irritation and friction.

To provide durability, its outsole is directly stitched to the upper of the shoes. To provide easy on and off, it contains hook and strap. It also includes a removable socklinerto accommodate any kind of medical orthodox. Due to its stylish look, this can be presented a gift as well.

NO: 4  DADAWEN Boy’s Girl’s Lightweight Shoes

Key Features

  •  Breathable
  • Sneakers Strap
  • Athletic
  • Running Shoes


» Name:                            DADAWEN

» Size:                                 toddlers

» Color:                               Grey

These best walking shoes for toddlers boys and girls have a synthetic sole which is breathable material and helps to keep the feet dry. Rubber insole provides comfort and maintains proper balance. Its upper is very lightweight and it is also breathable.

To provide easy on and off, it is designed in a way that it has elastic band, hook and a strap. It has breathable lining as well which is in the result of soft, comfortable and mesh fibre. Rubber outsole is anti-slip and it provides durability and prevents from slipping. 

NO: 5  BMCiTYBM Toddler Sneakers Boys Kids

Key Features

  • Hiking
  • Tennis
  • Athletic Running Shoes
  • Outdoor
  • Waterproof


» Name:                            BMCiTYBM

» Size:                                  Toddler



These best walking shoes for babies learning to walk are made up of rubber some which helps to provide traction and durability. Outsole is anti-slip and it helps to prevent kids from slipping. So, kids can play in water or rain as well.

Shoes are designed in a way that it has toe caps to prevent feet from hard objects. Upper of these shoes are made up of faux leather which gives it a stylish and fresh look. These shoes are very easy to on and off because of having a friendly lace up closure with a hook and loop strap.

NO: 6  Weestep Toddler Little Kid Boy and Girl

Key Features

  • Classic
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Sneaker
  • Rubber sole


» Name:                            Weestep

» Size:                                  Toddler



These are have a very simply yet stylish look in its own way. Rubber sole provides comfort as well as durability. Breathable material is involved in its composition which helps to keep the feet dry and prevent from smelly feet and infections.

Shoes are very lightweight so they can be easily worn for a long time. To provide secure and custom adjustability, it has double strap which helps to better adjust the feet. Double straps are very friendly and they provide easy on and off.

NO: 7  hiitave Toddler Boys & Girls Shoes

Key Features

  • Kids Sneakers 
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Rubber sole


» Name:                            hiitave

» Size:                                 Toddler

» Color:                              Navy/White

These lightweight shoes are made up of rubber sole which provides comfort as well as adjustability. Its upper is made up of very breathable material which helps to keep the skin dry and prevent from smelly feet and infections.

In order to add more comfort, it has cushioned insole. For easy on and off, it has hook and strap instead of shoe laces. These best shoes for toddler toe walking can be washed easily because they are made up of washable material.

NO: 8  nerteo Toddler/Little Kid Boys Girls Shoes

Key Features

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Sports Sneakers
  • Toddler


» Name:                            DADAWEN

» Size:                                 Toddler

» Color:                              Purple/Pink

These stylish and simple looking and lightweight shoes have elastic band which helps to keep the feet at their place. Rubber sole provides durability as well as comfort to the feet.

This is breathable material which helps to keep the feet dry and prevent from infections and from smelly feet. For easy on and off, it has adjustable hook and loop closure. So, kids can wear them with ease without being worried about shoe lace.

NO: 9  Vivay Kids Tennis Shoes Girls Boys Sneakers

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Walking Shoes
  • Running Shoes
  • Toddler  


» Name:                            Vivay

» Size:                                 Toddler

» Color:                              Black&green

These shoes are made up of synthetic and mesh fabric. Rubber sole provides comfort to the feet and its upper provides maximum breathe and comfort. It has inside soft lining which is odor resistant and helps to prevent smelly feet and helps to keep the feet dry and avoid sweating.

Its outsole is anti slip and prevents shock absorption. It helps to avoid slipping and provides maximum grip. To provide easy on and off, it has hook and strap along with elastic band. These shoes are perfect for daily use like going to school.

NO: 10  SOFMUO Baby Boys High-Top Ankle Sneakers

Key Features

  • Infant Slippers
  • Anti-Slip Soft Sole
  • Toddlers
  • First Walkers Shoes


» Name:                            SOFMUO

» Size:                                 Toddlers

» Ratings:                          178+

These shoes are made up of fabric sole. It has soft anti skid bottom allng with cotton lining and leather upper. Leather is a breathable material and it helps to allow the air to pass through it and helps to keep the feet dry and prevent from any infectious disease. Its Outsole is anti slip and prevents slipping and enhances growth of the feet.

So kids can wear them while playing in rain as well. It has elastic closure which provides easy in and off. These shoes are very stylish and are suitable for any occasion like birthday party. Moreover, they can be used for daily routine as well.

Best Walking Shoes For Toddlers Buyers’ guide

There are certain factors which should be under consideration while buying shoes for your toddlers. 


Photo by Free-Photos–242387


  • Lightweight

Shoes must be lightweight so that toddlers can wear them easily for the whole day with ease. 

  • Breathable material

Shoes must be made up of the material which is breathable such as synthetic or fiber. Breathable material helps to keep the feet of the toddlers dry and avoid any smell or infections.

  • Rubber sole

Rubber sole is necessary to provide comfort, durability and traction. Rubber outsole helps to prevent slipping over slippery surfaces so that toddlers can wear them on wet surface and it ensures security. 

  • Animated picture

Kids like those shoes most of the time which have animated pictures printed on them such as dinosaurs. It gives them a classy look and kids can also play with them. 

  • Toe cap 

Shoes which have toe caps ensure child’s safety and security against hard objects. So in order to protect your child’s feet, toe cap is necessary. 

  • Easy on and off 

Shoes and specially toddlers’ shoes must have easy on and off. And it is possible if they have convenient hook and strap instead of shoe lace. 

Best Walking Shoes For Toddlers FAQ


Q: What features should the best toddlers’ shoes have?

A: While you are going to buy shoes for your child the most important thing that you should observe is the fitness of the shoes. The toddler’s shoes must have round edges so that they can match the normal shape of the child’s feet. While choosing the walking shoes for your toddler you must search for the shoes that consist of rubber soles so that they provide a good grip for easy walking. Those walking shoes are the best which are flexible and light in weight too; also they must provide optimal shock absorption and slip resistance. 


Q: Do the toddlers need insoles?

A: It depends upon your toddler’s need. If your toddler faces ankle, heel, or leg pain while walking or wearing shoes or he/she has been prescribed an insole by a podiatrist then the insole becomes important in that type of case. So if you consider that your toddler needs an insole in the shoes, you must purchase shoes pair having a soft insole in them.

Q: After how much time should you replace your toddler’s shoes?

A: In this case, the most essential thing is the fitness of the shoes in the toddler’s feet. The toddler’s feet grow on average sizes until he/she becomes a teen. But every child is different in his/her growth, so it’s necessary to get the shoes checked before buying them and you should measure the feet of your toddler regularly by trained fitters.

Q: Is a toe cap an essential factor for the toddler’s shoes?

A: The toddler’s shoes must have a toe cap as they are very small to handle them in situation such as having an injury by hitting hard surfaces. The toe cap helps the toddlers to prevent them hitting against hard objects. If the shoes do contain any toe cap; the children might encounter some injury on their feet. 

Q: Can I wash my toddler’s shoes?

A: The toddlers can make their shoes dirty easily so it is essential to wash the shoes to be cleaned easily as cleanliness is also an important factor especially for the small children. The toddler’s shoes must be washable so choose such shoes that can be washed easily without having any affect on their quality. 

Q: What type shoes will be better for the toddler either with the velcro or with the lace one?

A: Both of these types of shoes are equally good and can be comfortable. But for the small kids such as the toddlers the velcro shoes will be more easy to put on and take off as compared to tying the laces of the shoes. Tying and untying the laces becomes a little bit difficult for such small children. So if you are going to buy shoes for your toddler you must select the shoes with the velcro.

Q: Does the shoes have rubber sole?

A: A good pair of shoes must have rubber sole as the rubber provides a strong grip to the shoes. It makes easy for the child to walk or run without the fear of falling. The rubber offers such a strong grip that even if the child walks on water he or she will not be slipped.

Q: What should be the style of the shoes?

A: The toddlers will love the shoes that are colourful and have some animations on them. So try to search for the shoes that have animated pictures printed on them such as cartoons, dinosaur, etc. It will provide them a classy look and the toddlers can also play with them. 


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Best Walking Shoes For Kids Buying Guide

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