10 Best Walking Shoes For Women Buying Guide 2021

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Women are known as icons of fashion and style. Some of them are really concerned about their looks, style and the way they dress up. They want to adapt fashion with the advancement of era. There are two things that depict the fashion. First is clothing and second is footwear. Women really care about their footwear and they want separate pair of shoes with separate outfit. Some women are only concerned about the look of the footwear. They don’t see that if it’s comfortable or not. They immediately buy shoes that are really nice looking. But some of them do not care about style or fashion of their footwear. They buy only those shoes that are comfortable to wear and give a natural feel to them regardless of the look they have. 

In order to provide comfortable shoes, women are concerned about some factors like whether the shoes are made up of breathable material like leather or fiber or not, whether shoes have comfortable and soft rubber sole or not, whether outsole is anti-slip and provides durability or not, whether their upper have air cushioning or not. And definitely, each one of them is equally important and plays its role in order to provide comfort. Breathable material helps to ventilate the air and prevents feet from any smelly odor and infections. Rubber sole helps to adjust the feet in the shoes and provides flexibility. Having an anti-slip outsole is important because it avoids slipping. 

Not only these factors are helpful, there are some advantages of wearing shoes and each pair of shoes must fulfill these advantages. They must protect your body against extreme temperatures like from freezing cold or from burning heat. They must protect your feet from hard objects that are placed on the ground and they must protect your feet if any hard object hit your feet from the top. If all these requirements are fulfilled by the shoes it means that they are best to use. And it is not bad to buy fashionable shoes. Nowadays, best walking shoes for women also have an equal comfort level as compared to simple ones. So it is good for women that they can carry comfort and fashion at the same time with the same pair of shoes. 

Best Walking Shoes For Women List

NO: 1  adidas women’s

Key Features

  • Leather
  • Imported Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Core ftw women sport inspired adidas

Adidas Grand Court’s simplicity attracts the most of the viewers towards it. That’s why they are well known for its comfortable, elegant and simple designs. The Adidas brand has a long history and deep-rooted connection with sport; these shoes are specially made for tennis. They are athletic fashion sneaker style with a round toe. These sneakers are made from high-quality pure and imported leather. The outsole is made of fine quality rubber. The insole is very soft and comfortable to wear.

Their classic 3-stripes design comforts with a Cloudfoam memory foam insole in a low leather and synthetic upper style. Its smooth fabric lining does wonders as it offers adequate breathability. These lace-up kicks can be adjusted according to your preferred fit.  These shoes are reminiscent of 70s-style sports shoes and have the signature 3 stripes on the side for a sharp look. They have cushioned collar and tongue so that while wearing them you don’t feel any pain or pressure in your feet. For a safe and secure fit there is a lace up closure. The heal of these sneakers don’t slip while walking. These best walking shoes for women are perfect for long walks. 

NO: 2  ryka women’s

Key Features

  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Breathable mesh with supportive synthetic overlays

These are man-made best walking shoes for women made from high quality imported leather. These are very comfortable, ventilated and light weight. They are regular fit for the buyer properly. They have breathable mesh upper with seamless and supportive synthetic overlays in a walking shoe style with a round toe. The midsole have the Anatomical Precise-Return foot-bed which serves as the underfoot cushioning of these shoes. It is lined with smooth textile for a comfortable feel. The entire upper is highlighted by a four-way gradient print to make a fashion statement.

The front of the trainer also has a toe cap made of synthetic leather. It is meant to provide a much-needed durability boost for this high-stress area. The shoe is secured by a traditional lace-up closure. It gives the wearer the freedom to customize the fit and security of the shoe. The tongue and collar are padded to enhance foot lockdown. They are also lined with Lycra for irritation-free comfort that protects against excessive rubbing on the skin and the pressure of the shoelaces. 

NO: 3  New Balance Women’s

Key Features

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported Rubber sole
  • ABZORB cushioning
  • ROLLBAR support system 

The New balance shoes are made from 100 percent pure leather. They are very light weight and comfortable to wear. These shoes come in two closure options: one with a traditional lacing system and the other one with twin hook-and-loop straps. They proved to be comfortable for the people with neuropathy, arthritis, bone spurs, and other foot issues to soothe their pain while walking. This footwear came in varying widths to accommodate different foot shapes. Their sole is so comfortable that it provides a stable platform for walking. The midsole of these shoes is made from CMEVA. It is a type of foam that does not readily get compressed but is soft enough to cushion the impact of each step.

The Rollbar supporting system in the heel section makes this model a motion control walking shoe. The firm material also prevents the midsole from compressing at the sides. Inside the shoe there is the removable polyurethane (PU) sock liner. It has anti-microbial properties to ensure a healthy foot environment. They offer a secure lace-up closure. The padded tongue prevents the round laces from cutting into the instep. It also has a plush collar that locks the foot down to avoid accidental shoe removal.

NO: 4  Skechers Performance Women’s

Key Features

  • 100% Mess Fabric/Synthetic
  • Imported Rubber sole
  • Skechers Performance Fit Knit structured
  • For cooling comfort

These best walking shoes for women are made of high quality, mess fabric and pure synthetic material that is imported. An S logo is present on one side of the shoes. They are very comfortable and light weight having a heel height of 11/4 inches. They are made for long distant walking and specifically for athletic walking. They have a slip-on design due to which you don’t need fuss with the laces and to help you save time on putting on the shoe. At the same time, it features a padded heel and collar to keep the foot securely in place.

They have dual-density characteristics and feature a tougher layer at the bottom for enhanced durability. They have cushioned collar and tongue so that while wearing them you don’t feel any pain or pressure in your feet. They do not slip while you are walking. These shoes are machine washable and keep them left in dry air but keep away from the direct sunlight. The shoe employs a soft woven athletic mesh fabric to cover up the foot. The material has wide ventilation pores, allowing for air circulation. A synthetic overlay panel wraps the heel portion. It serves to add stability and support in the rear foot. The padded heel and collar panels also contribute to the support.

NO: 5  PUMA Women’s

Key Features

  • Leather
  • Imported
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Fashion Lifestyle Sneaker

These best walking shoes for women are made from high quality and pure leather that is imported. The sole is made from perfect synthetic material, due to which these shoes do not slip while walking. These are designed with smooth, solid leather uppers that are not only highly durable but also flexible and comfortable. This model is designed for people who prioritize comfort in their everyday footwear. It has a dual-density characteristic and features a tougher layer at the bottom for enhanced durability.

The primary cushioning is provided by the proprietary ULTRA GO component. It is a full-length EVA foam unit which makes it lightweight and comfortable. The shoe employs a soft woven athletic mesh fabric to cover up the foot. The material has wide ventilation pores, allowing for air circulation. It serves to add stability and support in the rear foot. The padded heel and collar panels also contribute to the support. These shoes are very comfortable for everyday wear.

NO: 6  Saucony Women’s

Key Features

  • 100% Full-grain leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch

This pair of shoes has three colors including white/silver, black/grey and stone color. These are 100 percent suede shoes made from high quality and imported leather. They have a good rubber sole for excellent grip. They are well cushioned and soft padded that’s why they are very much comfortable. The underfoot of these shoes feel an amount of impact protection provided by the compressing materials between the foot and running surface. The heel is very supportive and easy to walk.

These shoes are mainly designed for runners and also they are ideal for walkers and for anyone who suffers from any kind of foot complaint. They have dual-density characteristics and feature a tougher layer at the bottom for enhanced durability. They have cushioned collar and tongue so that while wearing them you don’t feel any pain or pressure in your feet. They do not slip while you are walking. They are very light weight and don’t put any kind of burden. The outsole is made of durable rubbers good for indoor or outdoor activities. 

NO: 7  ASICS Women’s

Key Features

  • 100% Fabric and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch

These shoes come in two colors only: White/Periwinkle/Ink and Black/Black/Silver. They are comfortable for long periods of daily walk. Its upper has the Biomorphic fit which is a foot-conforming material that allows the foot to move naturally. It has a stretchy quality for reduced irritation. The shoe is wrapped in 3M reflective overlays that bounce light and make the trainer visible in the dark. They also serve as supplementary support for the upper. The medial window is made of a light material that is devoid of overlays or any hard fabric to accommodate bunions. It allows the wearer to walk comfortably without any aggravating material rubbing against their bunions.

The collar has a customizable fit to prevent accidental heel slippage and blisters. It is composed of two layers of memory foam that molds to the foot.  The footwear’s lacing system has an asymmetrical design to follow the anatomical form of the foot. These shoes offer the Duo Max support system midsole. This dual-density platform is made of a firm sponge which is strategically placed on the medial side to stabilize over-pronated feet. The rearfoot and forefoot areas feature the GEL cushioning system for further shock attenuation. It essentially protects the foot from the impact that may cause potential injuries. The insole of these shoes is removable. 

NO: 8  Vionic Women’s Walker

Key Features

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Breathable moisture-wicking cool mesh liner with PU foam base

Vionic active footwear features Active Motion System (AMS) technology with a flexible, cushioned outsole and a light weight and breathable upper. These shoes are made from premium, full-grain and water-resistant leather uppers. The breathable 100% polyester mesh liner with PU foam base that helps reduce friction against skin. The midsole is removable which is molded with EVA with a smooth elevation of 5” for heal to toe transition. The thermoplastic heel counters for increased stability and support. The outsole is of high quality and durable rubber that do not slip during walking or running. The leather is complemented by a breathable polyester mesh liner which adds a soft touch on top of the foot and around the ankle.

It serves to keep the interiors aerated as well as reducing chafing of the upper against the skin. There is an action lacing system to provide a secure and adjustable fit. The outsole has two pronounced horizontal flex grooves that are placed in the forefoot section of the trainer. They promote natural flexibility by allowing the foot to bend in the right area. These foot wears are best for long term walking and running. If you want a comfortable walk you will need to buy these foot wears.

NO: 9  konhill Women’s Casual Walking Shoes

Key Features

  • Textile
  • MD sole
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Durable

KONHILL is specializing in all kinds of fashion shoes, with exceptional materials and fine styling. Each pair of konhill shoes is affordable and very comfortable. These shoes are fit for many occasions like: office, rambling, driving, shopping, wedding, etc. The students or office workers, teenagers or adults even the old people, all of you can wear these shoes. The outsole is of high quality non-slip with good elasticity and good friction. It is made by MD cushion that doubles the effect of shock absorption.

Shock absorption rebound effective protection such as high resilience, slow down joint pressure and protect joint. Shock absorber sole adopts technology that dynamically adapts with each foot strike to the ever-changing amount of force placed on the foot during the run. The upper is made of soft knit mesh which is breathable and ensures adequate ventilation space. The mouth and top-line of the shoe is elastic and soft for easy on and off. These foot wears are great for indoor, outdoor, house, vacation, party, leisure, casual, daily walking, shopping, work, tourism, camping, driving, travel, gym, joggers, and etc.

NO: 10  Belilent Women’s Walking Shoes

Key Features

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • MD platform sole
  • Arch design
  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Ultra lightweight

Belilent shoes are committed the best comfortable shoes. You may use these shoes for walking, jogging, driving, working, shopping, nursing and long-time standing. These shoes have easy slip-on design that is convenient for the user to put on and take off easily. They are available in various colors. The durable soft knit mesh makes them breathable and ensures ventilation. They have a super light weight design that makes you feel like floating in the clouds.

These best  women sneakers are just like a glove wrap your feet and follow the foot’s natural. These nursing shoes have a platform bottom that adds a touch of height and style to your everyday look. The air cushioned design provides these shoes elegance and comfort. It is made by MD cushion that doubles the effect of shock absorption. The shoes have a perfect platform that can be worn all the day and match all pants, dress, tops, shirts.

Walking Shoes For Women Buying Guide

Before you buy a new pair of shoes you should know the qualities of a good pair of shoes. The women walking shoes have 4 parts; these should be consider t make sure that you are buying the best one for you. These parts are the upper, the insole, the outsole and the mid sole. Here are some of the characteristics you should observe while buying a new pair of shoe. 


The uppers that are made of leather may be more durable than those made from mesh. They also tend to be more water resistant. If you work in a harsh environment or somewhere where your women’s walking shoes are likely to get wet, then leather uppers would probably be best for you. Leather uppers may also make the shoes longer lasting.


It is an important part of the shoes. A good pair of shoe has the insole that is highly padded with cushions. Some shoes have removable insoles so that they can be changed if you use some prescribed insoles.   


This part of walking shoes provides you most of the protection from impact when your foot hits the ground. Each step you take while walking sends a shock impact through your feet. So check whether the midsole of the shoes you are buying is durable or not. 


The outsole should be strong and durable as it has to face the surface of the ground. Most of the good foot wears have a rubber outsole; as it has a strong grip and do not slips even on a watery surface. 

Light weight and flexible:

The shoes must be flexible and light weight so that it becomes easy to walk or run with them and they don’t make any kind of burden and pain in your feet; otherwise it will be difficult to walk with them. Flexibility is important as the shoe twists while walking or running so it will not damage the shoes. 


Cushioning protects your feet from painful impacts. From walking to jogging, shock and force can vary but wearing shoes with minimal or no cushioning is hazardous. To prevent injuries, the shoes must be highly padded and cushioned.

 Walking Shoes For Women FAQ


Walking shoes are considered to be the most common footwear among all the foot wears. The good quality of such shoes is that they can be worn at different places for different purposes such as running, walking, exercise, etc. The walking shoes can also be used at work. Here we are talking about the walking shoes for women. Women are considered as the icons of fashion. They follow every kind of style and fashion for making their look graceful. So in the case of footwear the women are likely to take more interest in the stylish and fashionable footwear than in men. Among all the footwear walking shoes are counted in the best selling and more likely footwear. If you are willing to buy walking shoes for you, you should know the specifications and characteristics so that you can select the right pair of shoes. There are various brands that are best in manufacturing the most durable and comfortable walking shoes and are dominant over the other brands that are available in the market. We have created a list of the walking shoes that are manufactured by some of these brands. You can see, above is a list of some pair of shoes with a description of each. The description of each pair of shoes will help you select and buy the best and most suitable pair for you. 


Q: In which price range the walking shoes for women are available?

A: The walking shoes for women are attainable in the market in different price ranges. They can be both expensive and cheap. The shoes that are included in our list are ranging from 30 dollars to hundred dollars and over. It’s your choice that which type of the walking shoes you can buy; if you can afford an expensive pair then you should go for it but if you cannot afford an expensive pair then you can buy the less expensive one without worrying about the quality. 


Q: Do the walking shoes must have cushioning?

A: A good pair of walking shoes has very soft cushioning that makes the shoes very soft and comfortable to wear them at your workplace. It not only provides you comfort but also protects your feet from the painful impacts. The walking shoes must be highly padded with cushion in order to prevent injuries and foot pain. A pair of shoes having the best cushioning will not make you feel tired easily.



Q: Is it necessary for the walking shoes to have anti-slip outsoles?

A: The walking shoes must have anti-slip outsoles. It is an important factor so that you don’t slip on a slippery surface while walking. All the walking shoes included in our list have slip-resistant outsoles acquiring the best qualities. A good anti-slip outsole offers you protection while walking or running and prevents you from falling.

Q: How will you know that the walking shoes are perfectly fit for you?

A: This quality of the shoes depends upon your choice of buying. If you are going to visit a store for procuring the shoes then you can select the right pair of shoes by checking the size whether it fits in your feet perfectly or not and by wearing them. On the other hand, if you are going to buy the shoes from an online website then you should look for the size chart available for the customers at the site. After that select your size and then place the order.

Q: Is it necessary for the walking shoes to be flexible and light weight?

A: The flexibility of the walking shoes is also a necessary factor. The more the shoes are flexible, the more they will be cozy to wear. The walking shoes should also be light in weight as you have to wear them for a long time period. A good pair of walking shoes delivers you the extreme comfort being light in weight. By wearing a light pair of shoes you will not feel tired. So always search for such a pair of walking shoes that are light in weight. 


Q: What should be the style of the walking shoes?

A: For selecting the style of the walking shoes you must consider that where you’ll be wearing your shoes. If you are buying the shoes for jogging, walking or exercise, then there are sports pairs to consider. So the style depends upon your need.

Q: Can I use my walking shoes as running shoes?

A: You can surely use your walking shoes as running shoes. The walking shoes are enough durable that you can run easily by wearing them. You can enjoy a good walk such as jogging and also exercise by wearing your walking shoes.

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