Best Women’s Sandals For Walking All Day The Ultimate Buying Guide 2020

Date: January 15, 2021

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Sandals are considered as the most common and stylish footwear among girls as they can be used anywhere such as you can use them for casual use or while going to some party or event. You can also wear them while going for a walk. They look beautiful while wearing in an office. In fact, they are being served as all in one. Girls love to buy and wear sandals of different styles and different colors. It is hobby of some girls to go for a shopping and buy unique and stylish sandals. 

There are different types of best women’s walking sandals such as some sandals have high heels, some of them have medium heels and some of them have short heels. There is another type of sandals that is most common and that is flat sandals. They are considered as more comfortable for most of the women. Some old age women do not like to wear heel sandals so they prefer to buy flat sandals which look more comfortable to them. But girls of this century really like to wear heel sandals and they are happy with them.

Best women sandals for walking have short heels but they are comfortable for women of every age group. They mostly have 1 or 2 inch of heel but they are equally comfortable because of the presence of inner memory foam or soft cushioned technology. Because of their extra ordinary comfort, they are very popular among women. They also enhance the beauty of the feet and women love to buy them. 

Best Women’s Sandals For Walking List 2020

NO: 1  KEEN Women’s Rose Sandal

Key Features

  • Synthetic and Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Platform measures approximately 0.5
  • Outdoor Shoe
  • Machine washable


» Name                          KEEN

» Color                            Brindle/Shitake

Women sandals are imported and they are manufactured by synthetic and textile. Both these materials are durable as well as comfortable. Due to the presence of rubber sole, they provide more comfort and flexibility that helps to adjust your feet properly. Their platform measures approximately 0.5 inch. They offer easy cleaning as you can easily wash them in a machine.

Their waterproof surface would not damage their look and they will remain new. Because of their extraordinary comfort, they are perfect for daily use and you can wear them for all day long. 

NO: 2  Steve Madden Women’s Donddi Sandal

Key Features

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Heel measures approximately 0.5″
  • Two-piece flat sandal with wide toe strap and buckled closure at ankle


» Name                          Steve

» Color                            Tan Leather

Donddi sandals are 100% made up of synthetic material and they are imported as well. Synthetic provides them comfort and durability at the same time. A very small heel of size of 0.5 inch is present that helps to maintain balance. Back strap along with an adjustable buckle is also present that provides a secure and customized fit.

One can adjust the buckle easily according to the size of the foot. These flat sandals are very comfortable to wear and they are ideal to wear while going for a walk. 

NO: 3  Clarks Women’s Leisa Claytin Flat Sandal

Key Features

  • Leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • Leather upper with flower accents
  • Ankle strap with adjustable hook and loop closure strap for a secure fit
  • Leather lining for an abrasion free foot environment  


» Name                          Clarks

» Color                            Pewter Metallic Leather

Leather made women sandals are very stylish and elegant. They have leather upper on which flower accents are present that enhance their beauty and they look more beautiful. Because of the presence of synthetic sole, they are very comfortable and durable. An ankle strap along with an adjustable hook is present for providing a secure and customized fit. In order to provide an abrasion free environment, leather lining is also present.

They are super comfortable because of the presence of ortholite cushioned foot bed along with cushion soft technology. This technology helps to provide ultra comfort to the feet. A 1.5 inches heel is also present that helps to maintain proper balance of the body. Because of their ultra comfort level, they are perfect to wear for a whole day or while walking for a longer period of time. 

NO: 4  Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

Key Features

  • 100% Water-ready synthetic and polyester webbing
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 1.35″ from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 1.5″
  • Platform measures approximately 0.5″


» Name                          Teva

» Made                            Imported

Teva sandals are very unique yet stylish at the same time. They are imported and they are made up of synthetic and polyester webbing. Because of the presence of rubber sole, they are very comfortable and flexible and you can easily adjust your feet in them. A compression molded EVA midsole and EVA top sole with Microban zinc is also present to provide extra comfort. 

A 1.5 inch shock pad heel is also present and their platform measures approximately 0.5 inch. Multiple straps along with adjustable hooks are present to give a secure fit to the feet. Outsole is anti-slip and has water channeling lugs as well. Presence of the logos on each side makes them more stylish and elegant and they can be used for casual use as well. 

NO: 5  Skechers USA Reggae-slim Vacay Women’s Sandal

Key Features

  • Smooth Faux Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Reggae slim footbed
  • Memory foam


» Name                          skechers

» Color                            Taupe/Aqua

These simple and elegant sandals are made up of smooth faux leather and they are imported. Due to the presence or rubber sole, they are very comfortable and durable. In order to provide an extra comfort, memory foam along with reggae slim foot bed is also present that provide you a cushioned and comfortable feel.

You are prevented from slipping because of an anti-slip outsole. An ankle strap with an adjustable hook is enough to give a customized and secure fit. They look very unique and elegant while wearing and they are perfect to wear for a whole day. If you want to go for a walk, they would prove an ideal pair and you would love to wear them. 

NO: 6  Viakix Walking Sandals Women- Athletic Sport

Key Features

  • Outdoor durability
  • Fashion & style
  • Comfortable
  • Custom fit
  • Exceptional quality


» Name                          Viakix

» Type                              athletic sport sandals

The samara walking sandals are very trendy because of having fashionable webbing and their perfect look. Rubber sole is present that provides comfort and flexibility to the feet. In order to provide a secure and customized fit, they have elastic sides that can be easily stretched and you can adjust them according to the size of your feet.

A cushioned EVA foam midsole is also present to provide an ultra comfortable fit. They are handmade crafted and provide a support to your arch as well. Due to having all these features, they are very comfortable and you can use them anywhere whether going to some party or as a casual use. 

NO: 7  Clarks Women’s Arla Primrose Sandal

Key Features

  • Fabric or Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Platform measures approximately 1.0 inches
  • Heel Height 1.57 inches Cushion Soft technology EVA sole


» Name                          Clarks

» Color                            Black Fabric

These imported sandals are made up of fabric or textile and they have such a unique and elegant look. Because of the presence of rubber sole, they are very comfortable and flexible. In order to provide extra comfort, a cushioned soft technology along with EVA midsole is present that provide your feet a cushioned and comfortable feel.

The size of the heel is 1.57 inches and its platform measures approximately 1.0 inches because of their extraordinary comfort and unique and stylish look, they enhance the beauty of your feet and they are perfect to wear while going to some event. 

NO: 8  ECCO Women’s Damara Ankle Gladiator Sandal

Key Features

  • Leather
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole Relaxed
  • Beach ready ladies sandal with an attractive crossover style
  • Super soft leather uppers and a second skin leather lining


» Name                          ECCO

» Color                            Chili Red/Powder

Damara sandals are imported and leather made and they have a beautiful design as well. Synthetic sole is also present that is known for its comfort and durability. Their leather uppers and skin leather lining provide you an extraordinary comfort.

Back strap provides support and helps to give a secure and customized fit. They have a flexible anti-slip outsole as well that ensures your safety. The crossover design makes them more attractive and these lightweight sandals are best to use for any occasion. 

NO: 9  Teva Women’s Verra Sandal

Key Features

  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Water-ready sandal featuring two hook-and-loop for adjustability and heel pull-on loop
  • Shock-absorbing ShocPad technology 


» Name                      Teva

» Color                        Grenadine

Textile or synthetic made sandals are imported and they have such an elegant look that will enhance the beauty of your feet. Synthetic sole provides comfort and a stable fit. In order to ensure your safety, a shock absorbing pad is present that has shock absorbing technology. An EVA foot bed is also present that helps to support your arch so that you can walk all day long with a high comfort level.

For traction and durability, a spider rubber outsole is present that prevents you from slipping or falling down. They also feature a secure and customized fit by having a hook-and-loop design and heel pull-on loop.  

NO: 10  KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal

Key Features

  • Polyester
  • Rubber sole
  • A perfect choice for the beach, travel, hiking or everyday use
  • Lightweight and breathable upper design keeps feet cool but protected


» Name                           KEEN

» Made                            Brown Yellow

Bungee style sandals are made up of polyester and rubber sole. Both these materials provide comfort as well as durability. Due to breathable upper design, your feet remain cool and fresh. In order to protect you from bad foot odor and to moisturize your feet, an antimicrobial foot bed is present.

A compression molded EVA midsole provides your feet an extraordinary comfort and cushioned feel. Due to the upper lacing system, they have a unique look and one can wear them while going to some event or while traveling or hiking. 

Best Women’s Sandals For Walking All Day Buying Guide 2020


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  • Comfortable and durable


Shoes are best if they are made up of comfortable and durable material. Synthetic, faux leather and textile are some of those most comfortable and durable materials that are used for the manufacturing of shoes. You should prefer to buy those shoes that are made up of these materials so that they last long. 

  • Lightweight


Lightweight shoes are very easy to carry and wear. By wearing lightweight shoes, one can walk comfortably for over a long period of time without being tired. If they are heavy, your feet get easily tired and you cannot walk. 

  • Extra comfortable


In order to provide an extraordinary comfort to you, some shoes have cushioned foot bed or inside memory foam that provide softness and cushioned feel to your feet. Some shoes also have cushioned soft technology in them for the same purpose. 

  • Rubber sole


Rubber sole is known for its comfort and flexibility. It provides flexibility and you can easily adjust your feet in the shoes. Moreover, it also provides durability. 

  • Easy cleaning and waterproof


Cleaning shoes is such a great trouble so you should buy only those shoes that feature easy cleaning. Some shoes can be washed in machines and they remain new and fresh because of their waterproof material. 

  • Secure and customized fit


In order to have a secure and customized fit, shoes feature an ankle strap along with an adjustable buckle which you can adjust according to the size of your feet. Without this strap or buckle, they might not fit your feet and shoes will not look great if they are too tight or too loose. 

  • Anti-slip outsole 


In order to prevent from slipping or falling down, they must have an anti-slip outsole. Most shoes have this slip-resistant outsole and you should prefer to buy them. Otherwise there is a great risk of falling down on a slippery surface.

Best Women’s Sandals For Walking  FAQ


Walking sandals are the most common footwear to be worn as casual. The sandals come in simple, stylish and fancy designs. You can wear sandals as casual and in any kind of events such as parties, etc. Before you go to purchase a pair of walking sandals for you, you should know about its specifications and characteristics so that you can choose the right pair of sandals for you. There are a number of leading brands that are manufacturing sandals for casual and party wearing. We have made a list of the sandals manufactured by some of those best leading brands. You can see the description of each pair of sandals which are mentioned above. The description of the specifications of each pair of sandals will help you choose and pick up the best and most suitable pair of sandals for you. And if you get confuse and you cannot choose one good pair among the various pairs after reading the description; you can get help by our buying guide. Our buying guide includes the specifications of a good pair of walking sandals. You can also view the FAQ about the walking sandals.


Q: How much should I pay for a pair of walking sandals?

A: The walking sandals are available in the market in various price ranges. They can be expensive and cheap. It is considered by most of the people that the most expensive pair of walking sandals will always be suitable for everyone. But it’s not the reality. You can also get the same comfort by wearing less expensive sandals too. There are various people who buy the cheap sandals and feel comfortable with them. In this case it all depends upon your choice either you are willing to pay more or less for a pair of sandals for your casual wearing. 

Q: Do the walking sandals should have anti-slip outsoles?

A:  Yes, they should have. A good pair of sandals is the one that has an anti-slip outsole. All the sandals that are included in our list have slip-resistant outsoles; they are manufactured by the best and leading brands. This is an essential feature so that it can protect you from being slipped or fallen. 

Q: Do all sandals should have a rubber sole?

A:  Yes, it is essential that the sole of the sandals should be made of premium quality rubber. It is necessary so that the sandals remain soft and flexible while walking and make you feel comfortable. The rubber sole provides an extra ordinary softness and comfort to you.

Q: Is it necessary for the walking sandals to be light weight?

A: The walking sandals are manufactured for casual wearing so they must be light weight. This will make increase in your comfort and you will not get tired by wearing them. 

Q: How can you pick up the right pair of sandals for walking?

A: Picking up the right pair of walking sandals for you from a vast variety is the toughest job till today. If you are buying the sandals for the first time from an online website, you should view the buying guide of that website. You can also take help by viewing the description of the sandals. You can also take help from our products, their description and the buying guide. 

Q: Do the sandals must be waterproof?

A: If the sandals are waterproof it is good. As you buy the sandals for casual wearing so for their long durability they must be protected by water. 

  • Walking
  • Comfort
  • Fashion
  • Research

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